Quarantine Diaries – Day 3: Acts of kindness

by Catherine

The day breaks with a cool drizzle and dancing palms. Movement is energy, I leap up to catch the sunrise. Then I think about yesterday’s tantrum. This system hosts me for free, my room is 60m2, and in return, I’m an arrogant bitch. I’m not apologising, just humbled, or perhaps humiliated. Awareness comes in waves, and during confinement, the tide is high. So, cup in hand, I contemplate the kindnesses engulfing me.

I asked a Facebook group for recommendations for an online shop, and five people leapt to offer help.

Lesley Emmanuel drove from Grand Baie with a huge care pack. But thanks also to Melissa, Olivier, Pascale and Sophie, who selflessly offered. I have learnt kindness from you. I now have plates, glasses, coffee, salt, milk, fruit, chocolate, and a lot more.

Then, knowing I have a TRX exercising system, Hayley Cassim offered to train me online for half an hour a day.

But what made me blink was my 30-second interaction with Ramesh, the temperature taker, this morning. “COVID has given us a common vision. We’re in this together,” he said, “no longer separate.” He was talking beyond COVID. His comment was also about the ruined ecosystem, the dead dolphins, the drowned sailors, and the callous government. I agree, we belong to different communities, different countries, but we’re in this together. COVID is transforming our world, we are morally bound to determine how.

The bad news: cold, overexposed food is causing toilets to flush animatedly in the hotel. I am not spared the inconvenience, but am not telling them, in case they rush me to the infamous ENT hospital in Vacoas.

Tomorrow’s diary will provide information about children in quarantine. PS Thanks also to Mr Joy and Long Beach for the abundance of attention since you heard about my complaints last night. All your kindness is much appreciated.

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