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by Catherine

From July 15 to September 30 2021 Mauritius will offer “safe” hotels for in-resort quarantine, and in-room quarantine hotels. In-resort quarantine is for persons who show certificates of two WHO recognised vaccinations, plus a gap of 14 days between the second dose and arrival in Mauritius. For Johnson and Johnson, the waiting period after the single dose is 28 days.

In-resort quarantiners have access to all hotel facilities including the spa, golf and water sports. Their main restriction is that they may not leave the hotel for the duration of their 14-day quarantine.

In-room quarantiners must remain in their hotel rooms and will receive their meals through room service. They have to clean their rooms and change their linen; they will receive cleaning equipment and fresh linen.

Book your hotel directly through the hotel or recognised travel agents and tour operators. In-room quarantine will be cheaper than in-resort quarantine, for obvious reasons.

I’ve waded through dozens of reviews and discovered that every comment praises the service, even where the hotel is sub-optimal. Well done, Mauritius. We are hospitable and empathetic; our sense of humour has won many hearts.

I estimate that over 4000 people have quarantined in twenty-five hotels since the 1st of October 2020. Our reviews are accurate representatives of quality in 2021. We are adding to them as and when new hotels become available.

Enjoy your quarantine. Enjoy coming home. Enjoy coming on holiday.

Note that in principle kitchens and Hotel Managers are responsive and effective if you express dissatisfaction or specifics.

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Vassi Naidoo 04/01/2021 - 9:44 am

We had a great quarantine stay at Long Beach hotel . The nurses who received and released us were excellent.,, they showed compassion, empathy and were caring .The hotel staff that we interacted were amazing and tried to go the extra mile for us . Our requests were promptly attended to as well . Shirley immediately contacted me by what’s app and stayed in regular contact with us throughout our stay. The people from room service we also amazing, with regular calls to us to follow up on our orders and the quality of the food .Chef Pillay and Amalan also made us some special dinners to break the monotony of the roomsevice menu . Being coupes up ina room for 14 days is very challenging and everyone at long beach tried to make it enjoyable ,

Catherine 04/01/2021 - 4:56 pm

Hello Vassi, thanks for this – fantastic. I’ve added it on to the Quarantine Hotel Reviews, under Long Beach.

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