Veranda Paul & Virginie 4*

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23.01.21 Je suis à la moitié de mon confinement à l’hôtel Veranda Paul et Virginie à Grand Gaude. Je veux déjà dire un GRAND MERCI à Mélanie et a toute l’équipe pour le soutien apporté. Le Véranda Paul et Virginie à Grand Gaude est aux petits soins pour toute personne en quarantaine. Ils font tout leur possible afin que ces 14 jours se passe au mieux. Rituel du petit déjeuner en terrasse face à la mer. Encore Merci. Bonne continuation à chacun.

Continuation: 30.01.21: j’étais toute seule dans la chambre. C’était un confort. Donc pour OK pour un couple. Avec une enfant c’est trop petit. Le Wi-Fi fonctionne très bien. J’ai travaillé pendant les 14 jours. Je n’avais aucun problème pour mes conférences quotidiennes avec mes collègues en France. Il est possible d’emprunter une clé Wi-Fi qui est intensif un peu plus le réseau. Contributor Astrid D 


28.01.21 Hi everyone, I have just finished my stay at Veranda Paul et Virginie Hotel & Spa and it flew by! The room was very clean, the food was delicious, and the staff was great! Special shout out to Mélanie and Jameel for their hospitability and thanks to all the staff for making this stay pleasant! Contributor Laura MF


19.01.21 Very happy to be here. Into Day 6 of quarantine. Room with balcony close to shoreline, and a splendid view on the lagoon and the islands. Meal trays delightful. Food prepared with care and good menu options. Hotel provided useful information with reservation confirmation regarding the quarantine stay and MOH COVID-19 protocol.

Staff very friendly and obliging. All requests and issues attended to readily and promptly. Special word for Jamill for his fast and courteous service. Contributor Andree C


19.01.21 Feeling amazing, Thanks to the entire team,😍 special thanks to Mr Hans & Jamill & suraj & Ravin. It’s really outstanding in regarding hygiene, and the food was delicious and on time❤️. All Safety was provided as needed. 😍The sunset is just whoah, just too good looking 😍. The best feeling ever. Contributor Varsha V 💖


16.01.21 Day 2 of quarantining 🎉 We arrived yesterday at 12h15 from Paris CDG. I was most impressed at how organised the arrival procedure was at the airport and how quickly it went. My only complaint is that we were required to fill in 4 forms per person, so after filling in 8 forms for my husband and myself 🤪, and only being asked for 4 of them (I still have 4 with me now) what was the point?? PCR test was a pleasure, quick and painless.

I wish I could say the same for the trip from the airport to the hotel. Firstly the bus had no air conditioning, the driver was driving like a manic and we nearly had an accident. Police escorts all the way and at certain moments the sirens were on. Totally ridiculous, we were treated as if we have the plague or are criminals. Arriving at the hotel the idiot of a driver says absolutely nothing to us and gets out of the bus, leaving us all in the heat for approx. 15 mins. Absolutely zero communication!!

Once we were finally allowed to descend from the bus it was another world 😊. Our check in was very quick. All luggage was disinfected and then delivered to our room promptly. A delicious sandwich was waiting for us. The rooms at Veranda Paul and Virginie are stunning and well stocked with all that we will need during our stay. Our view is fabulous and all meals so far have been delicious. I would like to thank all the staff for the wonderful treatment we have had and have no doubt this will continue throughout our stay.

On another note I would strongly advise the government to revise the transport/police escort 🙄and rally drivers who are in charge of getting us safely to our hotel….there is no need for all the dramatics!!!! Contributor Gaenor Rhodes Hardy


18.12.20 I really don’t think this hotel gets enough credit!

Staff and service: The service and staff have been absolutely incredible. We received follow-up calls yesterday, checking to see if we are happy with everything and if there was anything else we needed. The staff is always on time with meals and always helpful and available for when we request or need something.

Meals: The food prepared each day has been far beyond what I expected. Three meals a day: starter, main and delicious dessert. (I must add, I’m not a dessert person, but here I am stuffing my face 😂). There is also a premium menu available for those who would like to purchase extra things like alcohol and smaller snacks.

Medical: All Covid tests that conducted were very gentle, and the medic was the sweetest! After 14 days, it started feeling like home. Thank you to the staff and medics for your excellent hospitality and service. ❤️

Conclusion: My stay at Veranda Paul et Virginie has been really great! 10/10 for service, accommodation and especially the food. The time flew by and most days just felt like a holiday while tanning on the lawn. After lockdown, I will definitely be back to enjoy the hotel’s facilities. Contributor Roxanne VE


06.12.20 Veranda Paul et Virginie is great. It has completely exceeded our expectations. The room is super comfortable and cosy, the staff are lovely, views are fantastic and the food is superb. What more can I say. Highly recommended. Contributor Lauren C


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