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15.02.21 Sea’ze the day au Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel pour la Quarantaine !🇲🇺

Cela fait 12 jours que je suis arrivé en quarantaine à Veranda Resorts Mauritius à Palmar avant de rentrer chez moi ! 🙏🏽 Ces journées ont été formidables grâce au travail exceptionnel du personnel. Nous recevons des sourires et des surprises tous les jours!☀️ Merci Akash, mon super meilleur ami de quarantaine … Anaïs & Mr.X les 2 douces voix à la réception … Les super chefs Aniket & Souren … Merci aussi à l’équipe joyeuse qui nous fait de la Zumba & stretching tous les jours et qui diffuse de bonnes vibrations avec de la musique et des animations pendant la journée! 🎶🥗

La nourriture est excellente et nous avons beaucoup de choix …👫🏽 Tout le monde est vraiment sympathique et attentionné.🌡️ Vous avez des bilans de santé tous les jours, deux fois par jour.🛏️

La chambre est propre et confortable, avec un lit king size et une belle vue sur la mer 🌊🌴🖥️ Il n’y a pas de problèmes de connection Wi-Fi car j’ai pu travaillé en ligne avec mes business partners et parler avec mes proches tous les jours.🌹 Nous avons eu une belle attention pour le nouvel an chinois et la Saint-Valentin.🙌🏾 Merci beaucoup!Je recommanderais votre hôtel, un très bon rapport qualité / prix.💋

Meilleurs voeux De Sandy, la journaliste Insta @the_gypsea_journalist 🦋 Contributor Sandy Audr


09.02.21 Le staff est super chouette; on a des cadeaux. Des petits spectacles de music, des démonstrations des « snacks mauriciens » et même des cours physique depuis nos balcons. La chambre est spacieuse, le lit est grand et les rideaux font en sorte qu’il fait nuit dans la chambre (important pour mon sommeil 🤣). Merci au chef, Jimmy pour son ajustement en cuisine par rapport à mes demandes (il me fait un top de mangé créole vegan 🤤). Clin d’œil à Anaïs de la réception et à Akash du room service 🙂 Merci Jéjé et Jonathan pour vos sourires et bonne humeurs. On est bien chez vous! Merci Maurice for your hospitality Mo mari konta. Contributor IS


07.02.21 Fourth day here. Fantastic staff and excellent food. Hotel itself is very good, room is spacious and well furnished. Thanks to Ravi who delivers our meals and is always on hand for anything you have to ask for! Excellent choice of quarantine hotel! Contributor GL


20.01.21 Surprised as I am, I will miss my Quarantine days @ Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel. I came with full expectations of a boring quarantine, confined to my room. But this has been one of those memorable times! This place changed it completely for me. The staff had left no stone unturned to make this stay a pleasant and memorable one. Everything was smooth and systematic, right from the time we arrived from the airport to the food service. The rooms were pre-allocated, everything that we would require for the next 14 days was already kept in our rooms.

I was working during the weekdays, and I could not ask for a better work desk – view of the beach at a distance, chirping of sparrows around, blossoming bounganvilla near my veranda, and good WiFi.

The staff, including Sindy, the manager, chief cook, and the waitress Anusha were very sweet and always greeted me with a big smile. They regularly checked on to see if I was comfortable. And any need/concern was addressed within minutes. I required brighter lights to read, and they had it fixed within an hour. I was in work-calls and couldn’t answer calls from the staff, and they were quick to adjust. They even helped me get my luggage to my room (I was told not to expect that). And most importantly, the staff regularly checked in during this period. They made sure we felt cared for.

The Zumba sessions, yoga session, live music evenings, live cooking and the weekend music, crown of flowers strung by the staff, all of which we would enjoy from the veranda/balcony of our respective rooms, turned this quarantine stay into a holiday! Not a single gloomy day here.

Meals were always delivered with a wide smile and eating it brought a bigger smile! It was delicious! There were 3 menu options to choose from for every lunch and dinner. Pastries and sweets were amazing. I am a non-vegetarian and thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Tips to enjoy your quarantine:

1. Keep your self occupied. Work/study/read a book. Good time to catch up on those things that you have been postponing for long.

2. Wifi must be good. Have regular video calls daily with friends and family.

3. Watch that funny movie/documentary again that had taken your wits off!

4. Exercise. Yes, I said it. Staying indoors with limited movement can make you feel restless. Spare an hour for Yoga in the morning or do simple workouts in your room. There are ample videos and blogs available.

5. Sleep, sleep and sleep. Once you step out, you will be back to the mad-rushing world.

6. Solve puzzles, read book, call people – keep your brain active.

7. And chill – You will be here for 14 days. Just take that glass of cold coffee, sit in the sit-out chair, look at the peaceful beach, enjoy the beautiful scenic view and relaxxxx…Thank you Veranda Palmar!! Contributor Manasa Shetty


21.01.21 VERANDA PALMAR quick review for those considering Veranda Palmar for their 14-day quarantine. I requested a sea-facing ground floor room via mail, which the management was happy to provide. A picture attached of the view. Our check-in was slow, but the staff had an efficient system to get us into the rooms as soon as possible. The food here is great, mostly Indian cuisine during my stay. Unfortunately, I got sick towards the end of the stay, but the doctor and the team were incredibly helpful. I was taken care of and sent specific food which would help my body heal faster. They even checked up on me several times during the day to make sure I was feeling better.

The rooms are spacious, and the desk in the room is big enough for a workstation if you are working full time. Although the laundry rates are steep, Rs400 for a bag of 10, the rest of the items on the menu are fairly priced. For a mid-range yet comfortable quarantine option, I strongly recommend you consider Veranda Palmar. Big shoutout to Karishma, the amazing doctor (I’m sorry I forgot your name), the chef and everyone else making us feel at home. Contributor Kartik Sharma


21.01.21 Quarantine of 15 days is difficult, leaving your near and dear ones, the home-made food, missing regular activities & outings—it’s out of our comfort zones. But left without a choice and in need of fulfilling the government’s COVID norms, we have to undergo this pain.

On the other hand, my stay at the Veranda Palmar Resort was quite comfortable with good care and courtesy from all staff and doctors. The days went by in a flash. This is a brief review of my 14 day stay at this resort.

It took about one and a half hours to go through immigration and the COVID test at the airport. We then collected our luggage and boarded the bus—then sat around for a further hour without further notice of who we were waiting for, and when the bus would start. All buses taking people to different hotels started at the same time and we reached our hotel in an hour. We were assigned our pre-allotted rooms, and the sanitised luggage was handed over to us.

The room was neat and clean with all necessary facilities for the next 15 days (occupants need to do their own cleaning). The food was delivered on time by Mr Akash Tookia, always with a smile and with whatever I may have asked him. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t like the food being offered. He may guide/assist you. The cook is also supportive.

There were three choices of mostly Indian and Continental meals for lunch and dinner. The taste may vary. For breakfast, however, there is no choice: we only get buns and juices.

Mr Sanesh Luchmun helps with maintenance, for instance, electrical, air conditioning, TV, etc. He helped us quite a bit. By the way, there is no fan available in the room. (Word from Catherine: I am not sure if this means there is no air conditioning at all, or no fan, as my query to the author hasn’t been answered. I suggest you enquire with the hotel before booking because the weather warrants air conditioning – or at least a fan in summer).

The view was good, with the beach in the distance. The garden is green with trees, and beautiful birds are a feast for your eyes and ears. In the morning, I loved listening to the waves and birds through my French window. At times the place is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.  

The TV is Wi-Fi-enabled, and you can tune your TV to watch entertainment like Netflix, Amazon, You Tube and anything else you wish and enjoy. There is a desk to work on, and good Wi-Fi.

Just read books, talk to your loved ones, old friends and relatives on the phone; have sound sleep, do indoor excises, enjoy music, video, do office work if you need to, and relax as much as possible. Once you jump up on the 15th day, you may enter your regular activities. I can’t expect to have such a time ever again. I stayed with two colleagues.

Thanks to the entire Veranda team who supported us till d last day.. nice front desk who acts so fast and good response. Happy staying & relaxing. Hope soon these quarantine rules may get relaxed. Contributor Nishanth Nellai


31.12 20. Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in the quarantine at Veranda Palmar… It is just awesome to be here and to have my first ever quarantine New Year celebration. I am having a perfect stay with the sea and nature, the sky full of clouds and stars and the most important thing – the friendly, caring and loving staff..

I’m just loving the food and the taste, I would like to thank the staff, the chef, the doctors and especially Mr Akash and Mr Jonathan who are always nice and polite and are always at help. Contributor Awash Purdah


28.12.20 I landed in Mauritius with my family on 19th December and went for the14-day quarantine to VERANDA PALMAR BEACH HOTEL. I recommend this hotel for everyone for the accommodation, food and services, which were excellent. The staff are very polite with a spontaneous response to our queries. I’m very happy to stay in this hotel during the quarantine period along with my family. THANKS to VERANDA PALMAR BEACH HOTEL TEAM. Contributor Vamsi Krishna Kondiparthi


28.12.20 For those still in the dilemma which quarantine hotel you should choose for your 14-day stay then just go for the Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel. It’s a perfect hotel with friendly and helpful staff. The room was clean with a nice smell and a pretty view of the sea. The catering staff accommodated my needs. My sincere thanks for their continuous support. Contributor Atulya Jalan


26.12.20 I just love the hotel and the environment here. The staff is really cooperative , the food is very good and they provide all the essentials at your doorstep. I would like to rate it 5 star . Contributor Hanzalah Khan


26.12.20 My seventh day in quarantine: great staff always friendly and helpful. From the day of arrival, I found myself in a hotel everybody likes family. The room is well organised, the quality of food is magnificent, I am so happy to come here. Avinash and Akshay both are so supportive and cooperative. I really like their services and they made our Christmas unforgettable by decorating our room. The chef Jimmy and the pastry cook Dominique both are really nice, they are providing us so many varieties in breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am Indian so they are providing me with Indian food as well. This place and staff made my first experience of Mauritius good. Thank you, Veranda🥰 Contributor Shivangi Gautam


10.12.20 Hi everybody good afternoon I’m here at hotel Veranda Palmar Beach Belle Mare and I’m in quarantine. I’d like to thank Jonathan the restaurant manager, Guillaume Ramsamy front office executive, and Ravi Sigoolam, the special staff member who carried our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I thank all the staff who worked here during our quarantine. I thank the ministry staff for taking care of us from morning to night to take our temperature. A big bravo for all teams, thank you again

The food is excellent and the staff ensured we were comfortable. I can help if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can’t ask for more than Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel. Thank you for everything. Contributor Nooraya Hosenally


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