Champ de Mars 2*

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15.02.21 This is our fourth day in quarantine in Le Champ de Mars. It is a 2-star hotel near the centre of Port Louis. Our room is big and clean, with a very good Wi-Fi connection. Instead of a mountain view, we got a garden view which is more satisfactory. Birds are singing all day long, especially in the morning. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of traffic noise and in the first days, we heard a sound of unloading kilos of coal (???) (Catherine: I think rock sand). The weekend was quieter, with music in the evening from the neighbouring event centre.

Breakfasts are small, but lunches and dinners will fill you up. Below you will find a vegan and vegetarian version of breakfast and lunch (apparently vegans eat less). In the beginning, there was only one chair and no kettle in the room but upon request, the personnel brought them after some time.

For cleaning, we have only one mop and there is only one plug point (with no adapter) in the room. There is also a TV screen, we didn’t watch it yet. For this price, it is good value, but I miss the ocean. Contributor Joanna Putkiewicz


31.01.21 Finally out of quarantine which seemed like a really long time for me as I was eager to explore the island and see places and quarantine restricted me. I’ll just list important factors you might need to consider when booking your stay here.

1) Toiletries: You are only given soap to use and in the event you may want more than just soap you need to bring for yourself eg Shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

2) Wi-Fi The Wi-Fi is on and off and really hard to get good connectivity. I found myself sitting on a corner just to download lectures.

3) Food Meal choice is repetitive and heavy. I suggest they vary their meals and offer light suppers, but their food is really good! I especially liked the last night where we had chapati and fish curry! Superb.

4) Customer service, the man at the front desk is a star and really friendly, I forgot to get his name but he is really nice and accommodating.

5) Tidiness and hygiene is not their strongest point. My pillow had a lot of stains and no pillowcase, the shower wasn’t inviting, and I found a lot of hair as I cleaned the first time (first night). Lots of dust and the rooms could do with a thorough cleaning. My sheets had stains and my towels too upon arrival.

6) Small bathrooms, a tiny shower. Literally, a quick shower will do the trick otherwise the floor will have so much water on it.

7) Air conditioning available

8) The view cheered me up a lot 💛

It’s not a terrible place at all, just those few pieces that I think if they worked on hygiene a bit more it would be high quality for a 2 star.

Suggestions 1. Please could reception offer services like getting sim cards for foreigners for data connection and that will definitely make it easier for us to try also keep up with school or work.

2. I suggest reception also sells small things like toothpaste, lotion, snacks, drinks if they’re not going to provide. Sometimes these things can be easily forgotten by travellers and it will be quick and accessible.

3. A detailed menu could be sent via email so we atleast know what we are eating on what day

4. I suggest a thorough cleaning to ensure every corner is clean and cleaning the Air Conditioner. Other than that, I appreciate the staff’s effort and I feel like it was a decent stay. The staff was super sweet and welcoming. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly place, Le Champ de Mars is okay if they deal with these maintenance issues the experience would be better. 14 days is a long time and little things can make the time feel like it’s shorter. I also want to shout out to the doctor, an amazing lady, super-sweet. Bless her heart. Contributor Fazilla Maseko


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