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16.02.21 My boyfriend has been in this hotel for 9 days already spending his 14-day mandatory quarantine there. He mentioned that the room is big and beautiful with a comfortable mattress to sleep, a lounge sofa in the room and on the balcony, a table to work with stable Wi-Fi. The bathroom is also big with shower and bath tube. The beautiful sea view helps the time pass even faster.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and make sure nothing is missing. And maybe the best part, food is delicious. There’s a wide range selection of international and Mauritian cuisine. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a cake and a personal note. The staff took immediate care of it and organised everything. I’d like to say a big thank you to Kevin Pareemamun his wife and Morna. ❤️🙏🏽

The hotel is managed really well and be highly recommended. Contributor Renata Kaničková


13.01.21 Review of Long Beach Hotel A Sun Resort

Arrival at the hotel: • Pro: Luggage was handled for us (Con: handles not disinfected as stated); • Pro: Key and access provided immediately; • Con: No information from staff shared about daily meal service, temperature checks, laundry, etc. We were just provided an envelope and essentially “shoved” into the room as fast as possible.

Hotel layout: • Con: The hotel is set way back from the ocean and the view of the ocean is almost fully obstructed by trees and outbuildings. Your primary view is a very large crazy area. Through the branches of the trees, you can get a tiny glimpse of the waves crashing in the ocean at a very far distance. • Con: There is a VERY large lawn area outside of the hotel rooms, with trees already extending beyond the right and left sides of most rooms’ porches. The hotel could immediately improve reviews and the guest experience by blocking off outdoor space (like other quarantine hotels) for each room that extends to the golf cart path. Ropes, caution tape, or twine could be strung between the trees (or hammer stakes into the ground) to designate outdoor space for each room. You could even use spray-painted lines on the ground. Then, you should immediately place lounge chairs in the space for guests to enjoy the sun and stay off the ground and away from bugs. This also gives guests (including children) a place to stretch their legs, exercise, and/or play. If nothing else, come around in your golf carts and provide lounge chairs for each guest immediately! This is a “5-star hotel” please provide “5-star” experience for quarantine guests. •

Food and living area: Pro: Overall, the hotel provides excellent food; the rooms are very spacious and comfortable, the Wi-Fi has been reliable, and the staff professional.

Physical & Mental Wellness: • Pro: 1 yoga map provided upon request; • Con: No other equipment available for physical wellness; • Con: No lounge chairs are provided like other quarantine hotels to enjoy the sun – these should be provided immediately; • Con: No outdoor space marked off for guests in each room to enjoy the sun, even though there is AMPLE space–this should be changed immediately

Cleaning Supplies • Pro: Mop, bucket, broom, disinfectant, hand sanitizer provided upon arrival Food & Beverage • Pro: 2 coconut welcome drinks and mini cakes provided upon arrival • Pro: Food is delicious and well prepared (compliments to the chef) • Pro: Mini fridge in room stocked with 3 Coke, 3 Sprite, 3 Perona, 2 Water, 1 milk upon arrival • Pro: 12 bottles of water provided upon arrival • Pro: Coffee, tea, and sugar provided upon arrival • Con: I was told drinks were included for lunch, ordered 1 Sprite, 1 Coke and presented bill for Rs 300, and told only water is included with meals. No apologies

Bathroom • Pro: Two sinks • Pro: Long shelf behind stinks with ample room to place toiletries • Pro: Separate space for toilet • Pro: Separate space for rain shower • Pro: Large soaking tub • Pro: Extra toiletries (minus soaps) provided upon arrival • Con: Only 2 tiny circular soaps provided • Con: Shower does not drain well • Con: Provided only 2 large towels • Con: Light above sinks not working Sleeping & Indoor Living • Pro: High ceilings and large room (junior suite) • Pro: Two comfortable pillows per bed • Pro: Two comfortable queen-sized beds • Pro: Ample wardrobe space • Pro: TV • Pro: Couch and chair • Pro: Air conditioning and ceiling fan • Con: Only 1 luggage rack • Con: Only 2 pillows per bed. As we are living and working in this space and using beds as reading and workspaces, 4 pillows per bed is appropriate for back support • Con: 14 TV channels in French, 1 in English, no cable • Con: Temperature in the room still remains warm

Outdoor Living • Pro: Covered tiled porch with daybed, 1 small table, and 2 chairs • Con: Birds poop on your chair, cushions, table, daybed, porch • Con: Bugs, dogs, and birds. The bug bites are fierce. The dogs and birds just want all your food. The hotel could provide bug spray, rake area in front of the porch, and wash outdoor porch daily.

Staff • Pro: All have been professional, and several very kind, positive, and enthusiastic • Con: I was told drinks were included for lunch, then given a bill; • Pro: Provided with Cinq Mondes (fresh aromatic spray) last night to help with sleep

Misc. & Response to Questions / Concerns • Pro: Reported an electrical issue and was immediately fixed by the Head of Housekeeping who was very kind and helpful (need to report bathroom light) • Con: Additional exercise equipment is not available unless I wanted to purchase • Con: I was still charged for 2 sodas one day even though I asked and was told twice they were included • Con: I have not been provided lounge chairs to enjoy the sun.

Flight, arrival and transfer to the hotel

Air Mauritius • Pro – flight attendants in full PPE • Pro – we each had our own row in economy as did many others, this helped for stretching and comfort on a very long flight (although yes, bad for economy) • Pro – each seat back had a TV • Con – 2 meal services, very poor standard of food, no snacks or beverages provided between services • Con – very minimal selection of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment on TVs •

Airport: Con: Poor social distancing in airport lines, boarding, and deplaning Airport; • Pro: Staff was professional and in various forms of PPE; • Con: Each station takes quite a bit of time; • Con: PCR test is very uncomfortable (and painful for some). Saliva testing or lower nasal encouraged

Transit to Resort: • Con: How dare you risk our lives (and others on the roads) with your erratic, reckless, and completely irresponsible driving. We are locked in a van with no escape, so there is no need to endanger our lives with the manic driving of vans or escorts. Contributor: The reviewer is still in quarantine and has opted to remain anonymous.


04.01.21 We had a great quarantine stay at Long Beach hotel. The nurses who received and released us were excellent. They showed compassion, empathy, and were caring. The hotel staff that we interacted with were amazing and tried to go the extra mile for us. Our requests were promptly attended to, as well. Shirley immediately contacted me by WhatsApp and stayed in regular contact with us throughout our stay.

The people from room service we also amazing, with regular calls to us to follow up on our orders and the quality of the food. Chef Pillay and Amalan also made us some special dinners to break the monotony of the room service menu. Being couped up in a room for 14 days is very challenging, and everyone at Long Beach tried to make it enjoyable. Contributor Vassi Naidoo


24.12.20 Merry quarantine Christmas from Long Beach hotel. For those of you planning your trip to Mauritius, we cannot recommend Long Beach highly enough. We are here with our two children, ages 8 and 11, and so far everything is vastly exceeding expectations. Rooms are beautiful, meals are delicious, the view from our veranda is filled with palms and blue sea, but best of all, the staff is truly amazing. They are going out of their way to make quarantine seem like a proper holiday – and they are succeeding. Our son has already said he wants to come back next year. When an 8-year-old wants to repeat the quarantine experience, you know the hotel has done something right. Contributor Froy Lode Wiig


21.12.20 All the way from Australia with a 1-year-old, whose first birthday was in quarantine. We had a wonderful two-week stay at the Long Beach Hotel. The service was amazing – the staff were very nice and accommodating. Food was excellent, with a la carte menu, hot meals freshly cooked and an array of choices every day, which included an appetizer, starter, soup, main, dessert and kids’ meals.

The staff communicated with us via WhatsApp every day to ensure we were going okay. The medical officers present there were awesome, making sure we had everything we needed and wanted. Thank you again if you see this!

The room was spacious, with a refreshing view of the sea and sunrise. We had a hiccup with a smell of mould and a leak in the first week, but the hotel and officers quickly resolved the problem.

The only unpleasant experience we encountered, which wasn’t hotel-related, was at the Mauritian airport upon arrival. I was carrying my baby, pushing his stroller and two handbags, and for the formalities, I asked if there was a priority line for people with children. A lady suited up and in charge said ‘non fer la queue comme tout dimoune’. So queued up after some 75 people with an overtired and unsettled baby. No humanity there. But as soon as I came out, all the workers outside were very compassionate. I’d rather deal with these people who are more human a million times.

I will let the pics tell the rest of the complete story. If you are a foodie would def recommend Long Beach if you are having to choose. Contributor Asmaa Coowar


03.12.20 Je tiens à remercier vivement le personnel du Long Beach pour leur gentillesse, la qualité du service, mais également pour l’accueil, les repas qui ont tous été excellents et le soutien inestimable de l’équipe durant mon séjour. Tout a été parfait: les petites attentions- fleurs, fruits, produits de soins et pâtisseries. Grâce à vous, j’ai pu vivre cette quarantaine dans les meilleures conditions et pour cela, je vous en suis reconnaissante. Au plaisir d’y revenir prochainement sans Covid ! 🙂 Contributor Melina DC


29.11.20 Hello everyone! 🙌 I would like to thank all staff in Longbeach for sending me these minor details (see picture, marking 7 days in quarantine) ☺️ it’s very kind from your side!💐 Day 7th and 8th in quarantine Contributor Galyna Pyrig


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