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19.11.20 J’arrive à ma dernière semaine au Holiday Inn et j’espère que mon dernier test me permettra de retrouver enfin la liberté! Franchement je tiens à remercier l’ensemble du personnel ici à l’hôtel qui fait un excellent boulot! Ils sont très sympathiques, très accueillants, et attentionnés afin de permettre de passer cette quarantaine dans des conditions optimales. Le seul défaut de la chambre est vraiment l’absence de terrasse mais la luminosité est vraiment excellente avec cette vue sur la piscine. Excellente journée à tous! Contributor Shanil Faugoo


17.11.20 Being in quarantine at the Holiday Inn Mauritius Mon Tresor hotel, I share my experience with you. I arrived more than a week ago and here I am almost at the end. The time has passed very quickly. The room is spacious, bright and well ventilated, with a very comfortable bed.

The Mauritian food is excellent, in short you are very well equipped for your two weeks. I would like to thank the staff of the hotel, in particular Adarsh, Nitish, Deeya, Akshaye and Muzemmil, for their professionalism. They are at your disposal, hear from you and do their best to make the stay very lively, always with beautiful very human smiles. I can only recommend you Contributor Jules Koenig


16.11.20 Hi everyone, I wanted to share my experience at Holiday Inn.Arrival: Check in was quick and easy. One of the advantages of paying the full amount in advance is that it accelerates check-in time. It took less than 30min to get my luggages and key to the hotel room.Room: The room is spacious and clean. There is no balcony but there’s a window with a nice view on the pool. They provide a desk and a chair which are very useful since I am working during quarantine. There is a retractable clothesline rope in the bathroom, perfect for drying your clothes overnight. Products provided: Shower gel, shampoo, soap, 2 towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry detergent, alcohol and other cleaning products (except dish soap) , gloves, sponge, handsanitizer, masks, broom, mop, kettle, mini fridge, tea, coffee, sugar, cream, mugs and glasses.Food: The meals are very filling and varied. You get 1L of water with every meal. I appreciate that they use biodegradable containers and wooden utensils most of the time (better for the environment). The food is delicious and I find myself looking forward to my next meal everyday. You get breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, afternoon tea at 3pm and dinner at 6pm. I chose to skip breakfast since we get plenty of food and I store leftover fruits or desserts in the fridge. Staff: The hotel staff as well as the medical staff are very friendly and make sure you are comfortable during your stay. They are accommodating. I work until late at night and asked not to be woken up for 8am temperature checks and breakfast and they’ve been extremely accommodating. My family dropped stuff for me and I got them a few minutes after. Wifi has been good overall. It’s good if you want to stream movies on netflix but it can be slow when working on remote deskstop. I highly recommend the hotel for quarantine. It’s day 8 and my stay has been very pleasant. Contributor Kimbely Yip


07.11.20 Quarantaine enfin terminé très contente de pouvoir enfin profiter de cette magnifique île ❤️, je suis légèrement triste de quitter cet hôtel, Holiday Inn, avec un accueil extraordinaire et un service parfait. La chambre et la salle de bains étaient très propres avec tout ce que vous avez besoin (shampooing, gel douche, brosse à dents, etc.,) et même des produits d’entretien pour garder la propreté de la chambre. Excellents repas, rien à redire 👩‍🍳

Un grand Merci à Monsieur Anan et toute son équipe🙏🏾 ainsi qu’Ameydi Govindramen. J’espère revenir à Holiday Inn pour passer des vacances et bien sur, profiter de toutes ces activités 😇 Contributor Célina PalAnee


06.11.20 It’s day 15 and the final day has arrived! The stay at Holiday Inn was pleasant, and the staff was most courteous!

The food was always served warm, and always in excess: we wasted a lot initially. I suggest once you know how much you need, after the first couple of days, you can ask them to reduce the quantity as per your need. Like I mentioned, the good was very good throughout: their biryani, couscous and pasta were just amazing. We were being served rice continuously and some days the food was repetitive, but when we called asked them to make certain changes, most of the time they did cater for us very happily. We received plenty o water.

I want to specially thank Mr. Anand from the reception, who always asked if everything was okay and always personally made sure to take our food requests to the chef. That was a big relief because even though the food tastes good, after a few days you do find it monotonous, especially if you miss homemade food, like me. Also the staff that came to serve the food were usually very friendly and cheerful. My only concern was that the food was served in small plastic containers, with disposable plastic cutlery and a paper plate. This would come in paper bags and we had to serve ourselves. There were too much plastic disposables in the end. I didn’t think of asking them for metal cutlery, but maybe you could try that when you come. It would help avoid a lot of garbage.

Do get some dishwashing liquid or soap, as that is one thing not provided in the room. People are allowed to bring you packaged stuff outside and drop it at the reception, but no cooked food. The internet speed was very good. My husband and I were working from the quarantine, and occasionally our children were watching YouTube or Netflix, and there were no issues with the connection.

The testing was a pain. Unlike at the airport, here in quarantine, the experience was quite uncomfortable. But when asked for, they agreed to do oral swabs for both our kids (age 2 and 7). Contributor Roshni Radhakrishnan


26.10.20 Today is my last day at the Holiday Inn. I have no pictures of the food as it is not given in plates, and it won’t look very good. But it tasted fine.

The hotel caters for your choices, so make sure you convey it to them. Mr Anand, from the reception was extremely helpful towards us. Contributor Roshni Radhakrishnan

Holiday Inn quarantine hotel

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