There is no Mauritius

by Guest Author

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” – Lao-tzu I arrived last week from Cambodia and wanted to share my experiences in case it helps someone coming in from Asia. My trip: Phnom Penh–Seoul–Dubai–Mauritius–3 days in transit.

I’m an Aussie but have been a resident of SEA for almost five years. So I understand their love of stamped, official-looking paperwork. So when I arrived at the airport I had a folder prepared of colour printed documents, ready to go!

I thought I might be questioned about the Covid test (72 hours being the norm) and my 4-day test had officially ‘expired’ according to my documents. But this was not the issue… It was that Mauritius doesn’t exist according to Korean Air. 😲 Hard to check you and your bags through to a country that doesn’t exist, right? 😂🤣😂 So 40 minutes and six people later, I had presented them with a sea of paperwork from Emirates showing that indeed Mauritius did exist. But what I think actually got me over the line was a colour printout of my approval in principle permit – showing them I had a solid reason to go. This appeared to be very important to Korean Air, who initially seemed hell-bent on sending me back to Australia. 😂

Never in a million years could I have preempted this! In the end, I think they just googled Mauritius and learnt something new. So anyone else coming from Asia, just have an atlas handy and a folder of the paperwork ready… Because it’s all worth it. This week has been just lovely at Long Beach. 💜

Contribution by Zoe Wyatt

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