Quarantine Diaries – Day 5: Joy and comforts

by Catherine

Quarantine is not unbearable. It’s frustrating and restrictive, but today I’m energetic.

Hayley Cassim’s gym sessions have smoothed away knots, greased neck and shoulders, and given me a fresh taste for stretches. And I’m slowly waving goodbye to food poisoning. Even supper was bearable tonight.

Important in the life of an inmate: Long Beach’s Guest Experience Manager, Joy, has made me feel wanted; he’s spoilt me with goodies and information, just because he’s kind and loves his job. I’ve also found out (not through Joy) that the Ministry of Health instructed hotels to remove anything loose from rooms and to withhold crockery. Word has it that in one hotel, inmates are eating with their hands because they don’t have cutlery. You don’t mess with the Ministry.

Health Ministry staff is manning all facilities in September. Thereafter, incoming permit-holders and long-stay holidaymakers will receive the attention of proper hoteliers, while a doctor and staff take temperatures and mind their own business.

From October, travellers will choose three-, four- and five-star hotels from an issued list, at an average cost of $1 300 for the quarantine period. The system COVID-tests travellers four times: before departure, upon arrival, on Day 7 and on Day 14.

Over 3700 Mauritians are being repatriated in September, taking up to 8700 the repatriations since March. With borders opening in October, Mauritius will issue a Preparedness Plan to deal with potential re-infection on the island, and they will tighten up on adherence to safe practices.

Unlike its handling of the Wakashio, the Rock has done a good job with COVID so far. Let’s hope it doesn’t face sudden potholes.

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