La Vallée de Ferney

by Catherine

A 200-hectare forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary, where you’ll find endangered tree species such as the ebony, takamaka, and the ravenala (or Traveller’s tree).

You can take an easy 3-kilometre walk to a clump of rehabilitated forest and a panoramic view of the South-East. The reserve also hosts the Ciel Ferney Trail Run, which covers 50 kilometres and 2500m of elevation. For the less enthusiastic trail runners, there are 4-kilometre, 10-kilometre and 20-kilometre routes.

If you are there at noon, you’ll be able to watch the kestrel (Mauritian falcon) being fed, after which you’ll enjoy lunch at the local restaurant.   

Luxury 8-sleeper villas will entice you to spend a special occasion weekend with friends or to take a cool break from the normal coastal hustle. This is a treat you won’t regret.

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