Quarantine Diaries – Day 6: The busyness of quarantine

by Catherine

12 September 2020

It took five days to shake off gastro, which I must have traded with at least one excess kilo.

After wondering how to spend quarantine, I’m now too busy. I had meditation gurus to follow, Netflix sizzlers to watch, books to read, stories to write; but today I flew between the Mahebourg Citizens’ Walk, the new Facebook group, antics with bulbuls, and a 5500 step reckie mission around the block. There’s no time to think, yet incarceration has the ingredients for deep reflection, the potential to solve life’s biggest puzzles. This period is precious: I need to clear the space.

In 24 hours we collected 152 members on the Mauritius in Quarantine group. There’s clearly a need for information. People provided excellent material, which I’ll categorise and repost. We’ve found discrepancies in hotel prices. It’s obvious that the more you pay, the more comfortable your stay. Non-paying Mauritians like me scrape the bottom of the pot, unless you have friends like Joy, Lesley Emanuel and Kayley Cassim.

The pictures show a leisurely breakfast and the natural beauty surrounding my spot.

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