Art for all

by Catherine

Twentieth-century monk and mystic, Thomas Merton said of art: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Do you remember the thrill of sitting on the floor with a blank A3 sheet and a basic set of paints, and 40 minutes to play? Maybe you’ve grown to be an artist or like to dabble in some form of artistic expression. Many of us lost our genius and our joie de vivre chasing other things as we grew up. If you’re starting a new life in Mauritius, think about renewing that creativity you were born to express.

You’re living in a beauty hotspot where light and colour dazzle and subjects compete. Visit art galleries to get inspired; take a few art courses, have a picnic under the filaos and paint what you see. Explore your personal Mauritius Life. Here are a few pointers:

Imayaa Art Centre: Centrally located in Phoenix, the centre showcases 26 renowned and to-be-discovered contemporary artists from all cultural backgrounds. Visit their website to get a feel for the place, but better still, take a trip up there. The gallery advertises exhibitions and holds regular workshops featuring local and international artists. But if you just want to dabble in art or give your child an outlet, try out the courses on offer for children, teenagers and adults, and:

Tamarin Arts Centre gathers the creative, the fit, and the spiritual. It’s a catalyst for free thought and movement, encouraging new ideas and creativity. There, you will find your community for art and painting, dance, fitness, yoga and meditation. They actively welcome tourists and visiting artists from abroad.

Artspace Mauritius: Lyn Smith is living a dream through her studio in Calodyne. In 2017, she opened a meeting space for artists to experiment with creative ideas, exchange tips on techniques, and learn from an array of local and international artists. She has a thriving, air-conditioned environment offering weekly courses, Master classes in art and sculpture, and untutored life drawing and painting.

Mauritius Arts: A Quatre Bornes art gallery with diverse local art. You’ll find several private collections and a spiritual component. Visit to feast the eyes or to decorate your home.

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