Hiking: Eau Bleue waterfall

by Catherine

Also known as Cascade Rama, the Eau Bleue waterfall is actually a series of six waterfalls close to the Eau Bleue reservoir and the sleepy village of Cluny, South East of Curepipe. The waterfall takes its name from the crystal-clear blue pools fed by underground springs. Hikers are welcome to cool down in the ponds after they have waded through dense vegetation on steep slopes.

The Eau Bleue waterfall hike is a rewarding three-hour engagement with nature that will soften the most hardened city slickers. It will charm you with its breathtaking views.

At Eau Bleue, the adventurous can also do cliff jumps and canoeing. However, the area is perfectly tranquil, ideal for relaxation. The lush vegetation will soothe the body and mind.

You may be interested in spending a couple of days locally, to explore the natural environment. Look for the Domaine de Lagrave, which beckons you to discover an off-the-beaten-path Mauritius. This rich nature reserve starts in the village of Bananes in the Midlands, and covers 500 acres of endemic forest, deer, monkeys, wild boar and a plethora of birds. The local restaurant offers a variety of traditional Mauritian dishes.

Nature in Mauritius – Nature in Mauritius – Nature – Nature – Nature – Nature in Mauritius

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