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What can a citizen of the world find out about being isolated on a volcanic outcrop 600 kilometres from mainland Mauritius, bang in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Tourism and development have not yet wrecked Rodrigues, so its sparkling lagoons are quiet and empty, and the undulating hills free of cement. Rodriguans are laid back, their Creole cuisine is healthy, their stance welcoming.

Rodrigues gives you the space to take a breather, to reconnect with nature and simplicity. You’ll snorkel on the coral reefs, explore caves, go deep water fishing. You can also relax in a hammock, or cycle for the panoramic views, and people-watch at the bustling Port Mathurin market on Saturday morning.

Find accommodation on the East of the island which boasts the best beaches; explore an island or two using local boat excursions. L’ile aux Cocos, l’ile aux Chats, and l’ile Hermitage are the most popular, a half-day excursion costing about Rs1000 each.

Five flights depart mainland Mauritius daily, and will get you there one-and-a-half hours later, for around Rs4700.

Our recommendations for you:

  • Caverne Patates: an impressive cave system in the South West
  • Grande Montagne Reserve: Nature Reserve, good hiking and bird watching
  • Diving: off the Eastern and Southern coasts—main diving spots: La Passe St Francois, La Basilique, Le Canyon.
  • Kite surfing: Cotton Dive Centre
  • Fishing: Take a look at this website:
  • Hiking: Buy a Carte Verte de Rodrigues and tailor-make your own adventure. If you want more insights, discuss your plans at one of the island’s delightful ethnic restaurants.

Some boat owners who will give you the authentic touch are:

  • Rico François: 875 5270—departs from Pointe du Diable
  • Tonio Jolicoeur: 5875 5720—departs from Pointe du Diable
  • Berraca Tours: 875 3726—departs from Pointe du Diable
  • Christophe Meunier: 5875 4442 – departs from Anse aux Anglais

The following businesses offer “typical (tipik)” accommodation, car rental, excursions, deep-sea fishing, adventure sports and bespoke tours:

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