Mont Vert nature reserve

by Catherine

If Curepipe has horrified you with its decrepit buildings and mouldy streets, go into nature, created to blend with our souls and restore health and energy. Mont Vert is a small reserve in Forest Side, a few minutes’ drive from Curepipe and easy to navigate. It is safe and suitable for children and the reasonably fit elderly. Depleted of most endemic flora because of encroaching development in the twentieth century, the authorities realised in 2000 that the extraordinary biodiversity in the area warranted the creation of a new reserve. The authorities quickly secured the land and completed the project in 2006.

The Visitors Centre contains a display of the forests and invasive species, as a basic overview.  There is also an arboretum showing indigenous species, many on the list of critically endangered species. You’ll find ferns, orchids, and be able to buy seedlings. A nature lover’s delight.

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