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12.12.20 I don’t actually know where these two weeks have gone. I have enjoyed my quarantine thanks to the kindness and helpfulness of all the staff. I will miss waking up to the beautiful sea view every morning. Our positive experience has started even before we booked this hotel, Mr Nundloll Ilshad has been very helpful, answered all our questions and enquiries. After arrival, the check in was super fast, we were taken to our room. The room was comfortable, plenty of space for a toddler to run around. The only thing which I missed was some kind of dining table.

They provided us with Kettle, cups, glasses, tea bags, instant coffee sachets, sugar, kitchen towel. They also told us to keep the cutlery, wash and reuse it. In the bathroom we had a mop with a bucket, dustpan and broom, a big bucket to wash clothes in, washing powder, washing up liquid, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gels, soaps, toilet cleaner, toilet paper, bin bags. Towels and bedding were also provided for the whole 14 days. There was even a washing line with few pegs. For our toddler, there was a cot and a high chair.

The Wi-Fi in the room was very good. There was only one occasion where it was really slow. Our temperature was checked twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.

The daily menu was accessible online. The food was delicious, mostly Mauritian dishes. On occasions, I requested different meals than those on the menu and the chef never disappointed me. The food is plentiful. Breakfast was always cooked food and little pastries, yoghurt, fruit and fresh juice. Cereal was available upon request. For lunch and dinner, we had a good variety of dishes with a starter, main and dessert. Tea time snack was accompanied by fresh juice. Water was provided with lunch and dinner.

The only negative experience we have – which has nothing to do with the hotel or their staff – was the police guarding the place. Our family has travelled far to drop stuff for us but mostly for our toddler who has been really fussy and refused to eat the first few days. They brought baby food, fruit and snacks from the supermarket, no home-cooked food; we checked with reception what was allowed before arranging the drop-off. The police didn’t allow us to have all the fruits (banana) and baby food because they said it was too much. We are in quarantine; we have not committed any crime – to be treated like prisoners!!!! Why does it matter to the police how much fruit and baby food we can have? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😡

This morning we had our last PCR test. It was at 5 am but worth waking up to, as we saw the most amazing sunrise. ☀️ The wait for the test results was so long, probably this was the longest day out of the 14. But finally, at around 6:50 pm we were on our way home.

We would like to thank all the tropical attitude staff (Arvin Kumar Beejmohun, Dik Shay, Cristel Riche Domingue, Suraj Roopsing, Tarvesh Ramtohul and all the others we don’t know their names) for making our quarantine stay pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you all for your time, gracious hospitality, and for doing everything you could to make us feel at home. Merci 🥰 Contributor Jana Luchmun


12.12.20 Feeling grateful for the team and medical staff at Tropical Attitude Hotel who made these transitional weeks a pleasurable experience despite the circumstances.You will find there something soothing like being at home and being cared for with an amazing seaview as a bonus. The food is delicious, great mix of Typical Mauritian dishes and classics. What makes the world of a difference is this contagious joie de vivre even when working long shifts: the smiles, the little jokes, the small talks (including to babies) the surprise birthdays and so many more random acts of kindness. 🙌🏼I don’t know all the names, the whole team is great! I must say a special thanks to Christelle who was so kind to make sure I had everything I needed. One thing is for sure, now that I had a taste of the Attitude Hotels, I cannot wait to support them going forward. Contributor Sandrine Vinay


12.12.20 Tropical attitude is a very nice hotel; with the friendly staff here u don’t feel like you are in quarantine. They do all their best to make you feel like home. Arvin is so nice he does everything possible for my baby and he keeps on doing his best to keep each and everyone happy. He makes it every day to make you have the best time in the hotel. Hats off guys. Contributor Stefani Vogt-Ursell


07.11.20 From the warm welcome to the beautiful organised goodbye, the amazing and delicious food served on time, a beautiful birthday celebration and delivering an excellent service with the most serene view of the beach, Tropical Attitude is a really amazing place to stay for your quarantine. However, I would love to give my gratitude and sincere thanks to the team behind this excellent service. Hats off to you all. I don’t want to say names because it is a team that made my quarantine memorable. And it is this beautiful team that worked really hard, running around to deliver the service on time, catering to our needs to make sure that we are all comfortable. Mo dir un gran mersi a sa lekip la.💟 Contributor Sneha Ramsohok


27.10.20 We are currently in Quarantine at Tropical Attitude, Trou D’eau Douce. We are a family of 4 with a baby and a seven-year-old. We chose this hotel as it was the only one where the staff was more than happy to cater for baby needs. (Staff at another hotel in the north was very rude on the phone). Tropical was happy to provide us with a high chair, a cot and food that our one-year-old (who eats solids) could eat. From the word go, all the staff have been welcoming and accommodating. When we arrived on Day 1 around 7 pm, we were all served a bag with sandwiches, juice and fruit, and those who were allergic got their gluten-free meal. At around 8.30 pm our dinner arrived, and it was stunning and better than we could have wished for; roast chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, bread and dessert. The food tasted so good, instantly reminded me of our island food flavours that I have longed for. We are provided with 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, with 4 bottles of water daily (one per person).

Our bedroom is fitted with a king-sized bed, a single bed, a portable cot, a dressing table, a TV, bar fridge, kettle, couch and a table with chair. Overall, it’s spacious enough for the four of us. The room was clean, air conditioning blasting cool, good Wi-Fi connection, clean sheets, cleaning products, sanitiser and heaps of spare clean sheets and towels. We also have a little veranda with an outdoor setting and where kids can play.

I highly recommend this quarantine hotel with amazing views as all the rooms face the sea. There is always a nice breeze. Cannot commend Arvin, Rakesh, Vimal and their team enough, always smiling, very courteous and happy to have a little chat. They are always asking if we need anything and making sure our stay is as pleasant as possible. They are doing an awesome job. Please feel free to ask us any questions. Contributor Manesha Ramsamooj Kooraram


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