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25.02.21 Originally due to stay at another hotel, but we were delayed by a week and had to make alternative arrangements. Thanks to Wendy at Gold Group, I secured a room at the Gold Crest Hotel in Quatre Bornes.

Size of Room: Fair sized room with a comfortable bed. Seating area/ armchairs & table. Desk and chair for working. Plenty of cupboard space. The quality of furnishings was in good order. The shower was hot, and aircon worked well throughout the entire stay.

Wi-Fi – adequate for basic use i.e., emails and social media, but not strong enough for streaming movies etc. We arranged an Emtel airbox for our own use, which was effective.

Food Quality and Variety: For western palates, the food was limited. Curry/ spicy meals each day for all meals including rice, legumes/ pulses and a curry main meal. It was edible, but not always appetizing (some meals were ok). Food was served in single-use plastic trays. Fortunately, the fresh bread, paired with goodies from care-pack sent by family, made up for the hotel food. The hotel did offer a room service menu in addition to the meals served, which could be ordered and paid for separately: chicken nuggets, crispy calamari, chips, etc which compensated for some of the meals.

Whilst the view included some trees and greenery, a typical Mauritius town view, there was no balcony so it was sometimes claustrophobic not to have the fresh air and a sense of being outside. With the noise from the passing traffic and the AC, windows stayed closed most of the time.

Conclusion: Not so bad. Not ideal, and certainly not our first choice, given the other hotels on the island.
Positives: size of room, quality of furnishings, hot shower, good AC, good/ friendly service. If one has to be stuck in a room for 14 days, this was an ok room to be in. Negatives: Food quality, wifi strength, no balcony,
Contributor: N.W.


12.12.20 Je suis sortie de ma quatorzaine au Gold Crest 4 Bornes il y a 2 jours. Chambre spacieuse, et le lit super confortable.

Les repas mauriciens, bons et des étouffés de bredes et un chutney coco excellents. Petit déjeuner pas à mon goût mais j’ai demandé à la place du pain, beurre et une banane que j’ai eu.

MERCI à Toutes les personnes qui se sont occupés de nous. Mention spéciale à Wendy et Mervin. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à tous. Christine Hardy Beeharry


11.11.20 Bonjour voici ce que vous propose l’hôtel Gold Crest a Quatre Bornes. Chambre sale, non-désinfectée, valise également; matelas taché d’urine, il n’y a pas de protège matelas, un simple drap posé dessus. Couverture tachée d’urine, oreiller jaunit. Si vous êtes allergique à la poussière ne venez pas ici.

Vous n’avez pas le choix dans la nourriture vous devez manger, ce que l’hôtel vous donne, point. Pour ceux qui n’aiment pas boire du thé ou café le matin la seule chose qui vous reste c est de l’eau matin midi soir. Pour vous faire livrer ce que vos amis famille vous apportent c’est un vrai combat avec le personnel de l’hôtel et les policiers à l’entrée, sous prétexte que ce n’est pas leur travaille – même après 50 minutes de route, ils vous remballeront. J’ai dû exiger et m’énerver pour avoir un frigo et un matelas propre. L’oreiller jaunit est toujours dans ma chambre après 3 jours d’attente. Sur six repas reçu je n’ai pas encore eu la chance de mangé chaud et normalement. J’ai dû remballé la vaisselle qui m’avait été déposé dans ma chambre assiette fourchette cuillère tasse à café parce que rien n’étais propre et date des années 80.

Venez avec votre gel douche shampooing si vous avez une peau sensible, sinon vous allez devoir vous lavez avec du savon mains. Sachez qu il n’y a pas de balcon.

Je vous laisse faire votre opinion. C est mon troisièmes jour il est 11h51, je ne suis toujours pas lavée, j’attends des essuies de bain depuis 8:00 du matin. La nourriture est froide. ( c’est un amis qui me dis de poster ça ici ) Contributor Nina Appadoo

NOTE from C. LeClézio to guest viewer: obviously, a third party review is not as credible as a first-person review, so please take this review with caution.


27.10.20 The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Gold Crest – which we pay Rs35000 – does not even come close to a 3-star. I don’t know why it wasn’t given a 2-star rating; the 3-star title is just to take more money. The building is old; the room is OK, although not too sophisticated.

There are no good channels on TV, no bucket for laundry, limited toiletries. I am vegetarian but I eat eggs. I requested eggs in breakfast. I don’t eat non-veg. I asked them politely if they could give paneer at least, but no changes have been done although I’ve been requesting for the last five days.

Please don’t choose Gold Crest, because you will regret it and waste your money. It would be better for you to go to a 4-star hotel if your finances allow. Kiara Dagar

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