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REVIEW 1 – Mauritius quarantine hotels

27.10.20 Very poor breakfast at Palms Hotel this morning. So far it was pretty good, but onion rings – let me repeat – onion rings for breakfast. Vile. Some sort of a sweet cube that looks and tastes disgusting. I mean I’m not a fussy eater, but on what planet does pear, onion rings, cheese and some kind of sweet cube go together? I can only imagine the chef is having a crisis or is trying to save the hotel a lot of money. Not sure even Heston Blumenthal could come up with something weirder than that. Chef Gordon Ramsey would have a brain aneurism if he saw that. I’m hoping it’s a one-off. I know it’s three stars but hey, what about eggs, last time I check they weren’t a delicacy? Contributor George Richardson


18.10.20 On my first day at the Palms Hotel in Quatre Bornes, the pillowcase and sheets were very dirty. There was only 1 litre of water, 1 cup and one chair provided for two people. At least give the service, as people are paying. Food portions are small. They ask us if we want vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We are non-veg, but when the food arrives we have to search for the shrimps in the fried rice. We found two, otherwise, we would have thought the meal was vegetable and rice. There is no dessert and no fruit.

The Palms Hotel gave us dishwashing liquid in an old plastic water bottle to wash our cutlery. If you cannot provide liquid soap, at least give disposable cutlery. Very cheap hotel. How can people be treated like this? Do you think they would empty a bottle of water to put liquid soap in it? It’s obvious this bottle has been taken from the bin. Disgusting.

(Follow-up) We are in quarantine Palms Hotel. To be truthful, the first and second days were very bad. The room and bedsheets were not clean, there was mould on the bathroom mat. The breakfast was terrible; the food was baby portion and poor quality – no taste. We complained to the manager and put media on to it, and finally, we are having a decent meal, Still, their towels bathroom mat not clean. Zee M. S

Note to reader: No further reviews received. In our experience, people who enjoy their hotel during quarantine write reviews.


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