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20.02.21 Today is day 14 at Casuarina resort and spa. It has been a wonderful two weeks for me and bubba. As stated in an earlier post, airport protocol and shuttle to the hotel took two-and-a-half hours in total. The hotel check was fairly straightforward and relatively fast.

The rooms were clean and well equipped. I had two bedrooms. My main bedroom had a work table and chair, which doubled as a dressing table as it had a mirror. The hotel provided linen on arrival and replaced it twice during the stay. Sockets were 3pin plugs. A hairdryer was available. The bathroom was spotless too. Supplies include toilet cleaner, washing powder, toothpaste and toothbrush, shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, tissue paper and towels which were replaced once, remember initially we had been given four towels for the two of us. I had a drainage issue, which the maintenance team resolved quickly!

The kitchen was clean. Had cutlery, plates, cups, mugs, glasses. I got a washing line, mop, broom, dustpan. I had 14 1.5litre bottles of water, as per my needs, could have had more but didn’t need it. Milk was constantly supplied when needed. I also got Nestum for my baby’s breakfast cereal, and puree for lunch and dinner. The food was very nice on most if not all days, breakfast only disappointed when eggs were on the menu, but maybe that’s just me! Had a fairly large outdoor courtyard where baby loved to dig up dirt, chase butterflies or watch as we fed the birdies the bread! Had an outdoor table and chairs.

Wifi was okay most times, I spent considerable time on video calls with family, however just after supper at around 6ish it got a little slower. Wasn’t working so cannot comment on that, but attended a Zoom meeting for about 2 hours on a Sunday with no issues.

I was very pleased with my quarantine experience. Special mention to Nitesh, Joyce, Kavi, Poonam and the two gentlemen from Maintenance for being so friendly and attentive to our requests.+5 Contributor Ruth E. Kwangwa

REVIEW 8 – Mauritius quarantine hotels

11.01.21 Casuarina hotel is a good 3star option for quarantine. They give you a bungalow for yourself with a balcony and limited access outside. So far I found the service and food very nice. They take care of any special needs and requests. The food is light and healthy, authentic Mauritian food. You have the option to discuss the menu in case you do not want what is being offered. 👌👌 Contributor Deepti Antoo


22.12.20 Merci pour mes jours de 14z passés chez vous; il me reste que quelques jours. Remerciements sinecures à tout le personnel qui fait un travail remarquable jusqu’à nous faire oublier que l’on est en 14z. Un travail qui mérite le respect avec les mesures du confinement suivi avec tact et discipline. On a pas de mots pour les féliciter tous, de la réservation en passant par l’accueil, le cuisinier et les serveuses, ainsi que le service médical qui nous suit tous les jours. Seul bémol: il faudra qu’ils nous trouvent la solution pour perdre les kilos!!! Grand grand merci. Je recommande. Je reviendrais vers vous dans les jours qui viennent. Contributor Max Aho-nienne


07.12.20 Highly recommended: Casuarina Resort & Spa, North. I flew in from London-Paris-Mauritius.

PRIOR TO STAY: Patricia was lovely and answered any concerns I had prior to me coming. When I first arrived at the hotel, they explained that a protocol sheet would be in the room (if you don’t understand French request for it in English), and yellow sanitary bags and black bin bags for waste, which I found convenient. They also asked if we had any allergies they needed to know, which is considerate.🤵🏽‍♂️🤵🏽‍♀️

STAFF: Serving staff was extremely polite (Avnish Ujoodha) and also cater to your needs. Every four days, they bring new bed sheets, towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper.

If you tell them about mosquito bites, they will bring you either a plugin vape or a spray. Doctors have mosquito cream on standby too.👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Doctor and nurses come and check temperature twice a day and may come to check again just if unsure. And are also great at answering questions that you may have.

ROOM: cleanliness was GREAT I had no problems at all. The room came with: – Outside terrace (I was ground floor), Wi-Fi, air conditioning, wardrobe with hangers and security safe, kettle, small fridge, toothbrush and toothpaste, mop and broom, wipe down sponges, washing up gloves, washing up liquid, washing powder for clothes and of course powdered detergent for the toilet. We had 6-pack 1.5l water bottles delivered when needed, milk every couple of days. In short, they had everything I needed for my stay.

FOOD: personally I had a few issues with the breakfast, which they fixed easily. I loved how they gave us something new every day and showed off different Mauritian cuisines. (Downfall is they didn’t have a microwave to reheat meals). Also loved that they gave salad and fresh fruit. With the food they often bring tea and coffee sachets, and sugar. You can also buy things from the hotel if you call reception and ask. (They are helpful too). Twice during my time here they have sprayed insecticide around the outside of rooms. I’m guessing that was to prevent insects from entering rooms. Personally, I’ve had a great stay and hope you choose this hotel too! Aishika Luisa Parsand


05.12.20 Today’s update 7th day at Casuarina. PCR test the doc said they will come between 5 and 5.30 am.Asked why so early? They said some people are leaving today, so we will do the test altogether. It doesn’t make sense to me to have a test done at 5 am and wake 10month old baby just to do test. Anyway I was up since 2.30 am just stressing about this test. They came at 5.23 am, a group of maybe 5 young doctors. One of them said OK, sit down we will do the test. He put his swab all the way, almost hit my brain, then laughed and said “you’re scared.” My wife was next. She asked to go easy, and I told the doctor that in the UK they don’t put the swab so far in. He was so rude and said “ou dans angleterre la??? Moi ki expert depi fevrier mo p fer ca” (are you in England now? I am the expert, I’ve done this since February, I’m doing it now).

Then asked to bring the baby who was sleeping I told him to do his round and come back later if possible. He refused, saying, “no-no, quick-quick.” I brought the baby, and he did it quickly and then left. We’ve all been up since. I wish I took that doctor’s name and am hoping one day our path cross where I can return the favour. Contributor Hrishu Rich


14.11.20 It is my last day at Casuarina Resort & Spa, and I had such an amazing time. I felt like I was on a staycation rather than being quarantined. Mornings full of sunshine, happy birds chirping and a light summer breeze were even more enhanced with the delicious breakfast served by a sweet Vikrant. I looked forward to every meal of the day since all the meals were so good!

Evenings were calm and perfect to be mindful and do some meditation or to sit on the balcony and read. I am grateful to the entire team including Vikrant, Ceyon, Daniella, the medical team under the kind Mr Sookha, the chefs and the other staff members for making our stay so comfortable and enjoyable.

Points for improvement: A lot of plastic and styrofoam containers in plastic bags are given out every day for the meals. It would be nice to see efforts to reduce plastic waste. For example, the plastic water bottles could be collected separately and sent for recycling instead of throwing all the trash together. Reshmi Chureetur


13.11.20 One more sleep before I’m out of quarantine Casuarina Resort & Spa and I’ll like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all the team here. You have been truly amazing, from our daily chats and giggles to sourcing dhall pouri for us and even providing us with coconut water, straight from the coconut. You have made my stay here very bearable. Anyone out there who will be of need of quarantine, don’t hesitate – choose Casuarina! Special shout out to the amazing team Daniella, Ceyon, Nitesh, Vikrant, Jeebun and Yan and our amazing Doctor Santoc kitchen staff: thank you to Divya, Kendy and Kiran Ashley – receptionViresh – housekeeping. I might have missed some, but you know who you are and thank you. Contributor Rudy Seeneevassen


10.11.20 I can’t believe it’s already day ten, the time has gone by so fast. Another amazing day filled with laughter and jokes from the amazing team. Even though they are also in quarantine, their spirits have not wavered. The kitchen seems to keep outdoing themselves. We’re getting spoiled and fat – this is definitely not a place to diet. Not only is the food incredibly delicious, but we also get enough to make sure we don’t get hungry between meals.

Slowly getting used to the heat, but having an air-con helps. As always, a BIG thank you to everyone working at Casuarina who ensures that all the guests are taken care of. I definitely appreciate you. Deirdre Annandale


20.10.20 Départ pour le Casuarina avec escort de la police avec une priorité aux feux rouges et nous sommes arrivés une heure plus tard. Dès notre arrivée, nous avons passé les formalités d’usage avec prise de température et avons été orientés vers nos chambres. J’ai été agréablement surprise par ma chambre qui a une vue sur le lagon, grande, aérée et lumineuse🤩🤩🤩

Le personnel est à l’écoute et aux petits soins, me dépannant voluntarily pour la clim et le téléphone.

Le repas du soir était servi chaud vers 18.30 , au menu: une salade de crudités puis du poisson grillé, frites ou riz safrané et legumes, en dessert une salade de fruits et une tarte aux citrons. Pour moi, c’était copieux, chaud et très correct, les frites un peu ramollies car servies dans une barquette mais c’était bon. A noter que les repas sont préparés dans les cuisines de l’hotel mais servis dans des barquettes jetables. Il y a des vrais couverts, une assiette, un verre et 2 tasses dans la chambre.Après une bonne nuit de sommeil, je me suis réveillée tôt ce matin pour admirer le lagon de ma chambre, tout était calme et paisible. Contributor Sandy Océan



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