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REVIEW 1 – Mauritius quarantine hotels

02.01.21 I spent 2 weeks at Manisa hotel, Mauritius and I would like to share my experience. In the beginning, I was not sure what to expect… but what a pleasant surprise. The staff were amazing, friendly, helpful and very welcoming, especially Dylan and Kevin, who were very attentive to my needs. Great service indeed. Everyday morning and evening, the doctor comes to measure and monitor my body temperature and also inquires about my health. The room is cosy, clean and is equipped with all basic needs like mini fridge, kettle, tea bags, coffee, sugar, air conditioning, plate, glass and TV. It has been a great experience so far with the food exceeding my expectations, with a variety of different menus every day. Also, on Christmas and New Year’s occasion, I was sent a surprise gift(Chocolates, mini fir Christmas tree, BΓ»che de NoΓ«l, a big umbrella, balloons, key chain) πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ₯³πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ„πŸ« Thanking you all very much for being so kind and caring during this festive season while I was away from my family πŸ’Overall, it’s been a pleasant experience and I really recommend this hotel. Contributor D.D.

30.10.20 The hospitality and professionalism of the hotel staff pleasantly surprised me. As a flying faculty, I have seen Corona and quarantine story in so many countries and airports. And today I have enough data to compare: Manisa Hotel is doing very well. Proudly Morris, proudly Manisa. Special thanks to Maneesh for his personal touch. I am impressed! Vanessa GB


26.11.20 Just wanted to say that the Manisa hotel is good for quarantine and is only a 3 star hotel! My dad is there, and says that although the rooms are quite basic…. he can not fault the food, the service and the staff! Don’t pay over the odds for your quarantine if u can help it, remember it’s not a holiday, you are paying to get back into the country! Good luck to all those travelling πŸ‘Jo Baynham


30.10.20 We’re finally out of quarantine 😍I’ll take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the team at Manisa Hotel, Flic en Flac. It was an incredible stay with amazing food and a peaceful environment. The staff were so friendly and respectful. They made our stay a memorable one. Big thanks to Mr Maneesh. My quarantine was so well spent and I am missing that place already πŸ’“ Amnah Umme Tasneem


20.10.20 I’m happy with my choice of Manisa. Staff very friendly and helpful. Room clean with good Wi-Fi, TV has just local channels with only BBC for English-speaking guests. Balcony big plus as we are locked in, unlike the early days in March. The food not great but good enough to survive this ordeal. Considering that it’s not a holiday, Manisa definitely serves the purpose without the extras in other hotels. For people who do care about their diet religiously, perhaps other hotel options more suitable. On the whole, for me, thumb up. Contributor Stania Polanska Manning


11.10.20 My mum and I came yesterday on the Emirates flight. The flight to Mauritius was full,πŸ˜’ but prior flight we could keep to social distancing as many seats were empty. At the airport, immigration and health control was a bit slow, we end up in a long queue (with no social distancing). But the PCR test was pretty quick, and they were gentle with us.

We reached the Manisa hotel and frankly didn’t have many expectations after reading about people’s experiences with quarantine hotels. But it has been very good so far. We got welcome cocktails and snacks, but check-in took quite a time – understandably, because of the protocols. We had no energy by then after starting this journey 36hrs back.

The room is fine and has most basic items like plates, cups, glasses, tissue, tea bags, kettle and cleaning materials. Yesterday’s dinner and today’s breakfast and lunch were good as well, fresh, and served hot. Good thing is they give you two options to choose from, and the menu changes every day. We filled different forms for a few days at a time.

The staff members are also very nice and kind. They are highly motivated and make every effort to attend to our requests. We are satisfied with the services so far, and the best part, we are back to our little paradise 😊 Yasminah Banon Sunhaloo


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