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26.12.20 Touched down our beloved motherland on 12 December 2020 after more than a year and what an overwhelming feeling that was. Though the wait at the airport was quite long because of missing luggage the staff, nurses taking our nasal tests and the policemen were really nice and helpful. The police escort from the airport to our hotel was quite fun, we felt like we were up for some adventure. By the time we arrived at the Mauricia, it was already very late and we were dead tired after a 24-hour journey; but the staff at the reception took seconds to get us checked in and we were in our room swiftly. Our luggage arrived in a matter of seconds.

Our nurse was so gentle, always smiling, and would come for our temperature check twice a day and was so friendly. The staff who took our PCR tests every seven days were equally nice and made us feel comfortable.

And what can I say about the food? Well, Chef Satish has won our heart. We felt his passion in every dish he prepared. He always accommodated our requests and went above and beyond to satisfy our Mauritian food cravings. He also regularly checked on us and sought feedback on the food and services he provided. Shailen and Nikhil, the staff serving us food, were always smiling, the room service staff calling with a lovely tone every morning to take our orders, and the receptionists never tired of our calls. They all made us feel so welcome and at home.

The hotel hosted a Happy Hour Friday with Mauritian sega on the first week of our stay, and we spent the evening chilling outside.

Last but not the least, Mauricia together with the staff left no stone unturned to make our Christmas eve and Christmas Day so special that we felt we were actually celebrating Christmas with our quarantine family ❤️

Mauricia Beachcomber is a 4-star hotel, but with everything they did to make our stay pleasant and enjoyable, we are certainly encouraged to rate it with five stars. Thank you for spoiling us Mauricia Beachcomber, Chef Satish and every staff member and nurse🙏🏻 This was definitely the best quarantine experience ❤️ (or should I just say a mini vacastay). Contributor Amreen Mohungoo


27.11.20. Undergoing my fourth quarantine day at Mauricia Hotel, Grand Baie. Unbelievable value for money; professional staff, quality of food very good: special tanks to Mr Desire and Mr Vikash of the Hotel restaurant team. Thank you so much, Beachcomber Group, for the excellent service and marvellous job by the hotel personnel. Keep it up. I never imagined that quarantine would be like this. Contributor Tarik Hussain


18.11.20 Mauricia Beachcomber Resort (14-day Quarantine) It may be listed as a 4-star hotel, but the service is 5-star! Don’t think twice if you need to quarantine in Mauritius; this hotel delivers on all fronts.

It’s set in a peaceful bay where you spend your days listening to the sounds of swaying palm trees and a variety of birds while enjoying the view of the grounds/sea.

The hotel staff were always courteous and did everything possible to make my stay memorable. I’ve stayed at 5-star hotels in Mauritius that could learn a lot from the service quality that I have experienced at Mauricia Beachcomber. I was in a lovely room with a terrace looking over the beach and sea, absolute heaven! The room itself was large and had all the usual amenities (TV, hairdryer, tea/coffee making facilities – plus, because of quarantine rules, laundry powder, detergents, broom and mop to clean your room). The Wi-Fi was strong enough to allow me to work all day (Zoom etc) and also stream Netflix with no problems using multiple devices. Thank you, Jean David (IT) for having given me the assurance that this would be the case even before my arrival.

When you’re confined to your room, food deliveries three times a day quickly becomes the highlight of your day. This is where chef Satish shines! He was incredibly considerate of my preferences and provided me with a varied menu day every day. He served everything from European cuisine, healthy salads and Mauritian specificities (fried noodles, sept curry, vindaye poisson). I was in heaven (see pictures). The pastry chef is also clearly very talented, as some bread types and desserts would tempt even the most avid Atkins/low carbs follower. It’s fair to say that you will not go hungry here! A special thanks to Mohabeer, who would deliver all my meals and make sure I had everything I needed with a smile.

At the reception, Deepak and Krishna were always incredibly friendly and provided me with exemplary service, sorting out any requests My Tips:- If you’re going to work, consider bringing an extension multi-plug cable so you can set your workstation up outside on the terrace/balcony

What to bring: Some alcohol for your own little happy hour pre-dinner (alcohol is not available to purchase at the hotel); mosquito repellent: while inside your room you get an anti-mosquito electric device, you will need some repellent for when you are on your balcony/terrace, especially at night; I’m particular about shower gels etc so always bring my own (especially given that its for 14 days); Bring a yoga mat if you intend on exercising A heartfelt thank you to the wonderful team of Mauricia Beachcomber, you have much to be proud of! Contributor Pascal Saminaden


27.10.20 Currently quarantined at Mauricia Beachcomber Resort and Spa. Already a week and it is great. Enjoying every minute of my stay.

1. The staff is very welcoming and very helpful. We have basic amenities such as laundry powder, alcohol to clean surfaces, shampoo, shower gel, mop, among others. The room was thoroughly clean on my arrival and the food served on arrival was a hot meal and well balanced- starter, main course, dessert. After the long flight, this was heart-warming and delicious.

2. The chef and his team are superb. I am quite fussy with food and they ensured to meet my requirements. Different styles are there for different taste buds and dietary requirements. The mini-fridge had a complimentary fair taste of Mauritius offered. I sometimes felt like I am in an Indian restaurant while other times I felt like I am still floating abroad. 🙂 The food is yummylicious and makes you happy and yes, Mauritian delights are on offer too.

3. For those without a laptop, the TV helps with some nice channels to watch movies or else simply sitting in the small open terrace to enjoy the sea view and get a whiff of fresh air.

4. The reception is there on a 24/7 service and is always helpful. I am always greeted nicely and if I need anything, they provide me with what I need. Altogether, highly recommended 🙂 Contributor An Ja Li


17.10.20 Finally, home after 3 months in Sydney and I was very impressed with how everything was handled at the airport and at the hotel. The only negative thing, there was no social distancing at all. This is my second time in quarantine and honestly, I loved it. The first time I had to quarantine in Sydney when I got there back in June, but I was very worried about quarantine in Mauritius after reading all the comments. I was prepared for the worst and to my surprise, it was very well organised. Just be prepared to wait a long time (3-4hrs) before you get to the room without any info whatsoever. It was the same procedures in Sydney, but the only difference: there was social distancing and they were very strict about it.

The room at Mauricia is very clean and spacious for one person but for a family of 3 or 4….it’s a bit small. Having a balcony is luxury, as in Sydney the room didn’t have a balcony nor open windows, so I was stuck in a room with no fresh air.

The food here is great with a nice variety at each meal, they provided cutlery to keep in the room. Service is good, staff are nice..what else can I say… it’s awesome!!! Quarantine is not so bad….we get to stay in a hotel room for 2 weeks and being fed 3 times a day! We should be grateful and thankful for all the people working at the airport and in the hotels. They are doing their best to make us feel comfortable and at the same time keeping our little island covid free.Sharing some photos of the room and the food. All the best quarantiners! Contributor Diana Chung Kai To


13.10.20 Reviews on my Quarantine at Mauricia Beachcomber à Grand Baie. Very satisfied with my 2 weeks stay here and quality of service is far above my expectation.

I would start with the impressive welcome by the staff when we first reached here in the evening. The first thing they offered us some water and made sure our luggage reaches our rooms before us 😄Administrative work was quick and not tiring at all.

Room and bathroom are very clean, with all necessary amenities included with the minibar filled for us for the first day (soft drinks, chocolates and other snacks). Awesome view from the balcony annexed to our room.

Strong Wi-Fi connection, which did not cause any hindrance in my work during these 2 weeks.

Staff are very responsible regarding health precautions, they check our temperature twice daily and the PCR test was very quick. Staff are also very welcoming and caring towards our needs. Shoutout to the whole team here and my special thanks go to Kavisen Murden, who has been really helpful and has gone an extra mile to ensure we have a comfortable stay during this quarantine period.

I’m definitely recommending this hotel for those planning their quarantine soon. Thanks a lot for the comfortable stay, Beachcomber! 💯 Contributor Ouzaima Rossmally


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