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REVIEW 1 – Mauritius quarantine hotels

19.12.20 Sealife Resort & Spa has really up their game since my first complaint.This is an extra meal that I was given on top of my dinner as they know they I’m working in Mauritius on Canadian hours (6 pm to 2 am).(Good to eat healthy sometimes 😋)Yesterday I was given a medium pizza in addition to my regular dinner meal. 🍕😊Special thanks to Manish who took his time and listened to our special requests. He is coming to check us out every day to see if everything is going well. This is now above and beyond what we expected.

The staff here are really nice! To anyone who is planning to come to Sealife once you are here, do not hesitate to ask the staff for something. If it’s reasonable, they’ll get it done promptly. Cheers! Contributor Kiishan Sowamber


16.12.20 I see different opinions about Sealife Hotel and want to say some words in defense of it based on my experience of having been there in quarantine. When my son and I arrived, they quite quickly checked us in, serving dinner one hour later. The room was spacious and clean, provided with an excessive quantity of soap, paper and cleaning items. Yes, there were no shampoo and shower gels. The rules were that the dirty linen should be put outside in a plastic bag every four days in the morning to be replaced with fresh linen. Once I missed the time and called the receptionist after lunch, my linen was replaced one hour after.

I called the reception several times to reduce big portions of food and the number of bottles with water, I even asked sometimes to replace cake with fruit, and everything was done willingly and promptly. We were more than satisfied with menu, typically Mauritian food but nice. It was quite varied, not only rice and curry. I think for 3* they have done it perfectly, much better than I expected, especially in all this COVID-paranoic situation.

I had no problems with Wi-Fi and worked every day, my son watched YouTube, we called many relatives using Skype. Many things depend on our own attitude and behaviour. If we want to see only bad things, we will find them everywhere. If we are polite and friendly and express our wishes and preferences, we will get a positive attitude back. The personnel are so nice, always smiling and wishing bon appétit and asking if we have any problems. Our doctor and nurse are superb.

None of the tests was painful. And the weather was perfect,😊 even if felt only from the terrace. All my best wishes to everyone and I hope for those who are planning to arrive and to stay in quarantine it will pass safely and trouble-free!

I want to say MANY THANKS to all the personnel of SEALIFE HOTEL for their such a nice attitude and behaviour and to the chef for the best and different food every time. Nothing to wish for more. Contributor Oksana Onichshenko


15.12.20 I’m terribly dissatisfied with Sealife Resort & Spa! My linen & towels can’t be replaced after 6 days because they don’t have any and I should have put the dirty linen outside before 11 a.m., but that’s not written anywhere, nor has it been communicated.

It’s funny that this “resort” thinks they are doing us a favour to have us as guests here, and don’t provide the minimum in terms of quality, cleanliness or even ordering drinks of food! Maybe they should be reminded that we are paying to stay here, and it is not a free service! They should be grateful that they can even operate so that people keep their jobs! Is it too much to ask for clean linens and decent Wi-Fi for a 2-weeks PAID stay? We didn’t sign up to stay in a hospital as far as I understand! Contributor Chaya Ya


23.11.20 In the Sealife quarantine hotel there’s extremely bad internet. We arrived here the day before yesterday, but I still could not work. I asked the staff at the reception for help and offered money so they could get me a local SIM card, and tips for the delivery, but they refused further help. Staff said that only somebody from outside can bring me a SIM, from 12 to 3 p.m. I am still looking for that guy. Denis Bykov


02.11.20 Hello! Je viens d’arriver au sealife. Tout s’est super bien passé et je dois dire que ça a fait du bien! Aucun problème ni avec les autorités françaises ni avec l’immigration à Maurice. Si vous compter venir à Maurice, partez vite on ne sait pas combien de temps on le pourra encore! L’hôtel est super sympa! Seul bémol c’est le Wi-Fi… j’ai cours en Visio et j’espère qu’ils vont trouver une solution sinon je vais rater deux semaines de cours. Sinon j’ai une superbe vue sur la mer! Contributor Jane Blaise


PART 1: 19.10.20 Voilà à Sealife Resort & Spa le petit déjeuner de ce matin et le repas de ce midi étaient plutôt pas mal: curry de poisson, aubergine 🍆 riz et salade. Ils font des efforts pour améliorer mais il y a quand-même quelques petits bémols. Cependant c’est tous les jours les même menus répétitifs.

L’endroit est envahit par des fourmis, même dans le lit, et des moustiques, si je laisse la porte ouverte, car je suis au rez-de-chaussée. La douche a un débit très faible, on fait notre ménage, nos lessives, mais ce n’est pas très marrant pour faire sécher les vêtements car pas d’étendoir dans la salle d’eau.

J’ai demandé si je peux avoir une boisson gazeuse histoire de digérer mieux; on m’a dit que non. Et aussi, ils servent des yaourts nature sucré ou sans sucre pour le petit déjeuner. Je n’arrive pas à les manger, ça va sûrement finir à la poubelle ou je n’en prendrai plus car pas de possibilité d’avoir un yaourt au fruit!

Ce n’est pas des vacances non plus, mais on a payé, ce n’était pas gratuit lol. Le reveil à 8hr du matin pour le petit déjeuner et la prise de température (moi qui croyais que je vais profiter pour faire la grasse matinée lol). Le passage entre la nourriture et la prise de température est d’au moins cinq fois par jour.

Autre problème c’est grosse galère pour avoir le Wi-Fi. Je n’ai pas d’autre accès internet pour pouvoir communiquer avec ma famille; comme je suis seule dans ma chambre d’hôtel, j’essaie de faire passer le temps. J’ai demandé à la réception si je peux me connecter sur un autre réseau, on a dit qu’un technicien passerait pour régler le problème mais c’est toujours pareil. Il faut que j’aille dehors pour pouvoir passer un appel.

Je ne choisirais pas cet endroit pour mes vacances mais quand on a pas le moyen de se payer un hôtel 5 étoiles et on a des obligations de rentrer au pays malgré la quarantaine payante, on n’a pas le choix et on se débrouille avec qu’on a. Bon courage à toutes et à tous!

PART 2: 28.10.20 Following my complaint on Facebook recently about Sealife, I have been getting special attention. For the last two days, they have been serving really good food (no more curry). I was very surprised today when I saw the pizza for lunch. They called me yesterday concerning that post and we’ve had a long conversation. I told them everyone’s stomach is not the same and we cannot digest the same food every day, that people are getting sick. They apologised and reassured me, saying they will make an effort to improve the food for the remaining days. For the first time at Sealife, I’ve been eating well in the past two days. I can’t complain. I don’t know if it’s the case for everyone or are they getting different food. They made the two remaining days pleasant and are making an effort. My advice to people coming in the future, please don’t be afraid to voice out if ever you are not happy with the food or something else, don’t force your stomach and if you don’t have choices, call them and explain I’m sure they will sort things out. Dil Shand


18.10.20 Finally arrived in quarantine at Sealife Resort and Spa late last night we landed at 4 pm, arrived at 8:20 pm. After two long hours of driving, we arrived at Sealife Resort. I can’t thank the staff here enough. Check-in was quick, we got a ground floor AMAZING room with a lounge and separate room for our son. There were lots of nice little touches like toothpaste and toothbrushes for all of us and food arrived quick (before we even got all our bags in!) and was warm and delicious – also in biodegradable food boxes… a huge shout out to Sealife Resort – super impressed! We also are given a menu with options which apparently changes every day… fingers crossed! Super impressed with Sealife so far 🙌👏

While we don’t have a view of the ocean, I would take the extra space and ground floor access any day.

Thank you Sealife resort! Contributor Aimee Fairgray


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