Tarisa 3*

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19.12.20 Thank you to Tarisa Resort for making the 14-day quarantine a pleasure. Thank you to those we met in quarantine. Thank you, Christopher Laurenz, for the fabulous pics. What an awesome bunch of people. I wish you all health and happiness from hereon. We are looking forward to our new island life, and if the start is anything to go by, it’ll be great.

Day 14 Let’s all meet back here in 6 months’ time to have a drink on the pool deck and reminisce. See what our rooms look like from the other side.

Day 4. All really good here. A happy vibe with many of us making “balcony friends “. And huge YAY!! Our missing luggage arrived intact. Contributor Jenny Laas


18.12.20 Quarantine day 14. Finally, time to reach home. These 14 days have been great, thanks to the outstanding job from the staff at Tarisa Resort Mauritius! The food’s been superb: 👍 gato piments, farata, briani, fried noodles, fried rice, fish/chicken curry and all other meals.

Zumba sessions and the Bingo game were well organised by the entertainment team. Once again, thanks to the hotel manager Mr Dinesh for listening to our requests, Mr Shawn for sharing his cuisine and giving us good food, Mr Appadoo for always assisting us and other staff who have been involved in ensuring an enjoyable stay for their customers. Contributor Akshay Jankee


18.12.20 The Last post of our quarantine here at Tarisa. I and I am sure everyone here at Tarisa wishes to thank the amazing people behind the scenes. From the staff that looked after all our needs and tummies to the doctors that made sure we were protected from this Corona Pandemic. MERCI BEAUCOUP!👏👏👏

16.12.20 We have had an amazing time, but yet we still in quarantine, so restricted in where we can go. Staying on the ground floor has helped us and my kids to be more relaxed and not so confined as we have more space than the people on the balconies. If you are single or a couple, I am sure the balconies are perfect, but any bigger family ground floor is where you want to be. The great thing about this hotel as well is that it is U shaped, so you can see and socialize with your neighbours.

10.12.20 Quarantine Day 5 and a bit of 6? Not sure anymore.🤔 Time is irrelevant right now. Thought I would add Episode 2 of the amazing people in quarantine, including our amazing staff, they also away from home for the same time we are here at Tarisa Resort and Spa. With our new fitness regime in the mornings, I am beginning to see new faces from their balconies. Good to meet you all:) As before if I have uploaded an image you do not want on this site please message me and I will take it off immediately. I must say this Tarisa family is becoming a real family with numbers and social gatherings shared for way after this Quarantine:) LOVE IT. Contributor Christopher Laurenz


16.12.20 Quarantine day 12. Food full of goodness @ Tarisa Hotel. Watch the waistline closely🤣🤣🤣 Contributor: Lily Joan Finniss Ithier


08.12.20 Day 4 at Tarisa Resort – As promised by the management, service is getting better – actually much better, as expected.. they are doing their best to make us comfortable and they are very accommodating. Thank you Tarisa resort and team 💕Please keep it up ☺️ Contributor Fadiila Ghoorun

Photographs: with thanks to Christopher Laurenz, professional photographer and Mauritian coming back to his ancestral home: www.chrislaurenz.com


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