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REVIEW 8 Mauritius quarantine hotels

05.12.20 We are in quarantine at Ambre hotel and had no water in the taps for over 24 hours, due to a broken pipe, apparently… how can a 4-star hotel not have any water tank or back up! We have also been told that we cannot be given fresh towels and need to wash the ones we have and use them until we leave. How is it acceptable to treat people like this after paying so much money? It’s shocking to see how some hotels are treating their guests under these quarantine conditions. Contributor Susheela Doobaree


22.11.20 Yesterday, those of us in quarantine at Hotel Ambre got our negative PCR certificates before 6pm and we’re free to go. This was great news, and a rare case of expectations exceeded. To those yet to come to Mauritius I suggest you review the various comments on different hotels carefully, as service and food quality seems to vary a lot (and stars are not a good guide). I appreciate it is difficult as you book your flight, then see which 2-3 hotels are linked to that flight on the MPTA website. In hindsight, I’d contact one or two hotels with positive reviews directly and ask them which flights they are linked to, then try to book that flight. To fellow travellers who stayed at Hotel Ambre well done for surviving the experience and now enjoy being back in Mauritius.😁 Contributor Simon Walker


21.11.20 Finally going home 14-day quarantine end thanks to Ambre team, especially Soomesh; he was so nice to me. My quarantine days were nice, spent at the Ambre Hotel. Jenny Lostangel


09.11.20 My boyfriend is currently in quarantine in Ambre Hotel, and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff for looking after him so well in his first couple of days! His feedback is the food is good, the room is beautiful, and the staff are amazing. He has some medical problems (not COVID-related) and the medical and support team were amazing at getting him what he needed. I have also been able to take him packages and the whole process is professional and organised. Thank you all the team at Ambre! Rose Alice Lowe


08.11.20 After a 9-hour flight from South Africa to Dubai, a 4-hour layover with a really expensive cappuccino, and a further 6-hour flight from Dubai, I finally landed in Mauritius yesterday afternoon. 🇲🇺

Passport control and health checks at the airport were well organised and efficient; however, the transport from the airport to the hotel was a bit of a mess! We sat in the sweltering bus for over an hour with no water or communication, one bus had to be push started.

When we finally arrived at Ambre Hotel, it looked like they weren’t expecting us; we were made to wait outside the gate for half an hour with no communication yet again. However, once the gates were opened, it was a quick process to get into your room. The rooms are huge, the food so far has been sufficient and tasty, and the view is great. The hot water and Wi-Fi speed need to improve. Contributor Matthew Collier


28.10.20 Ambre Hotel Quarantine Couple Review – Stayed 2 weeks to 17th Oct.

When we arrived at the hotel, we had a glorious surprise waiting in a non-civilised line identifying our luggage. No water or welcome to the hotel – delightful.

6 pm all locked up in our rooms, time goes by and it’s now 8:30pm and still no luggage or welcome food, we’re hungry at this point to say the least, we landed at 3:15pm.

AT LAST, the luggage arrives with one piece short, even though we checked our luggage at the reception and identified all, but they misplaced within a range of 100 feet- well organised-NOT.

Anyway, on to the rooms: Room condition was like something out of the 60s – not saying I’m that old, but I can only imagine they were of that status, sorry for anyone being from that era, nothing intended. No hot water for 24 hrs on the 2nd day, water running through the ceiling from the room above when they showered. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but it was coming via the ceiling light

Two sets of bed linen, sorry we only had one as they’d forgotten to pack a second duvet cover. There were only 2 pillows, looked older than the actual room. I could go on and on about the bed for comfort, but it gives me shivers once again thinking about it.

Towels, 2 each for 14 days and nowhere to hang them in order to air or once washed. The facilities to wash your towels and clothes didn’t exist: a small bag of powder, gloves and a sink, very **** star.

Other room facilities or should I say, lack of them, if we wanted to eat inside, we had to sit on the bed and dine, no table to eat civilised inside the room.

TV, internet go slower and slower when the bandwidth had been used up hence not even able to work, from the confinement picture speaks a thousand words.

The food was shocking if something was not served one day; it was carried over to the next day. To cut a long story short, the staff did their best, but the hotel management needs to review their 4-star service and provide adequate food to residents and not charge them a hideous amount for the supplement menu.

Hotel management: I’d give the hotel management 3 out of 10 for their inadequate approach to customers who obviously can’t afford the costs and simply wanted to get home to Mauritius for whatever reason.

Many thanks to the great staff who were not in control of these issues.

Future quarantine persons, we hope that you can better prepare yourselves based upon some of these experiences. Best wishes to everyone. 😀 Allan Dacruz on behalf of Tomtom M


17.10.20 Merci à toute t’équipe de l’hôtel Ambre pour son travail, sa gentillesse et ses excellents repas ce qui nous a permis de passer plus agréablement cette situation délicate, et nous a permis de nous sentir moins seuls. Merci à tous et courage pour la suite. Contributor Martine Lange-Bazin


06.10.20 Hi everyone, actually in quarantine at Ambre Hotel. Just an update for worried mommies: baby food is provided on request for toddlers. I asked for steamed broccolis, fish, etc. And they happily provided it to us, free of charge. And they are the first ones to get their meals. Also, we can purchase nappies and baby food/milk. and they will have it delivered to our room. Contributor Christel Dialava-lf


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