Solana 4* (Southern Cross)

by Guest Author


07.02.21 🙂 Bientôt une semaine passée en quarantaine au Solana. Le séjour est très agréable et reposant avec une tranquillité vous laissant autant être en télétravail ou de se prélasser et observer les vagues paisiblement. 🌊 Je n’ai pas vu la semaine défiler. J’ai même eu le temps de faire quelques prises aériennes.

Les points forts sont le Wi-Fi, le paysage, la nourriture et le personnel qui sont tous très gentilles et qui se démènent en quatre à la moindre de vos requêtes. Merci à Aartee, Mackline, Christophe, Valerie et les autres en coulisse que je ne connais pas les noms. Contributor Emmanuel C

REVIEW 11 – Mauritius quarantine hotels

07.01.20 Many of us understood that Solana Beach without doubt is providing excellent service. I would like to add a few extra points that we experienced during our stay here as a family including my little one (LO) of seven months.

Important point: Day 3, I was worried about LO weight as I had the impression that she is losing weight, also we travelled more than 24 hours, change of climate and environment, etc. The next day I told my concern to the nurses, and they gladly arranged for a scale to clear my doubt. Luckily, LO had the same weight, and I was so relieved. Plus, I was unaware that formula Nan was sold in Mauritius. They informed me that it was available here, and again they provided us with the formula. To be noted: baby is used to this brand only. So a thousand thanks to Shahiba and Vyas for their kindness. Baby is healthy and enjoyed her stay here. Baby is happy and so mummy is happy.

Amenities: Towels and bed sheets were given as much as I requested without any complaint. Clean and neat with a delicate perfume. Food: What can I say, I am sure I already gained a few kgs. Tasty food, plenty of fruit and dessert. Thanks to chef Vikash. Food was given on time as I requested room service to deliver our food at a specific time. I must also add that even I requested that our food to be served at a different time, this was taken into consideration and the food was hot and tasty.

Amazing staff: Mrs Aartee, Mrs Rita, Mr Amrish and Mrs Clementine made us feel at home. Really, we appreciate everything you all did for us especially during the festive period. You did an excellent job. Always smiling and polite. May God bless you all. Also thanks to Solana Group for entertaining us with nice music. Indeed I would say value for money… no regret at all. Finally, the last day has arrived and we will go to our family soon. We are thrilled and satisfied. Looking forward to a better year and I wish you all who are in quarantine at the mo lots of courage and patience. Good health to you all ❤ Contributor Manisha Sapna Lutchman


29.12.20 Our stay at the Solana Beach Hotel was very pleasant and relaxing, and the staff kind and responsive. We had a stunning view from our room.

It didn’t start very well though as on arrival we got a room quite old with a leak somewhere in the bathroom that flooded after each shower. Since you have to mop it yourself, it’s not the first thing you want to do after a long flight and bus drive. So, the same night they gave us another room. Quite tired, we had to move our things on our own to a room slightly better but where the aircon was not working, and a few other things were wrong. But the maintenance team reacted very promptly and fixed everything.

The rooms are clean but a bit dated and I’m surprised it is a 4 star. Maybe once upon a time, it was. On the other hand, full stars to the staff! Their constant desire to please made our stay extremely pleasant. We could get yoga mats and weights to get some much-needed exercise during our confinement. Special thanks and thumbs up to the quarantine manager, Mr Mackline, who is always there for you.

The food is good and in generous portions, and Nitish from the restaurant kindly accommodated my requests as I went a bit lighter on the diet in the second week. I enjoyed the beautiful fruit plates while my husband enjoyed the delicious Mauritian curries. Bravo to the chef who reserved some surprises as the days went by. The four daily meals and temperature-taking twice a day give a rhythm to our day, which finally goes quite fast. We had apprehended these fourteen days, but they went very smoothly, thanks to the warm, friendly staff of the Solana. Contributor Veronique Forget


22.12.20 Having never heard of Solana Beach before, I was apprehensive to book this hotel but got convinced by the photos of its beautiful room and sea view. I don’t regret my choice at all and feel lucky to have woken up every morning to such amazing scenery.

Thanks to Nitish and the rest of the team, and Dr Cheetoo and the medical staff, for their excellent service! They checked on us regularly to make sure that they catered for our needs for. Food was great and more than sufficient, with a nice variety. We were even spoilt with some surprise treats that were not on the menu (dhal puri, coconut water, etc.) My stay felt more like a little retreat/getaway rather than a quarantine😌🏝 Great job to the Solana staff! Contributor Elo How


21.12.20 Nous voilà à notre dernière journée de quarantaine au Solana beach. Nous sommes plus que satisfaits de notre choix et recommandons fortement cet hôtel sans hésitation.Je réitère une fois de plus mes remerciements à cette équipe qui a le souci de l’excellence au niveau du service à sa clientèle et qui est toujours prête à aller au-delà pour faire plaisir avec une chaleur humaine à la mauricienne.Un immense merci à M R. Teelwah, Mackline R, Mélanie, Christophe, Julian et à tous ceux que nous n’avons pas côtoyés mais qui ont contribué grandement à faire de nos 15 jours en quarantaine un beau souvenir malgré le confinement.Aux magiciens you guys are excellence and I am proud to be a Mauritian! Contributor Ingrid Raffray


21.12.20 For us at Solana Beach Mauritius, we’ve had our last test. Now it is time for some more patience. Thank you all who have been so supportive, my greatest gratitude to the entire team of Solana Beach, Mauritius who made this experience one of a kind! Thank you for being here for us. Thank you also for all the friendly neighbours around! Oh, like one big happy family! ❤️🙏😇 Have a wonderful journey in this life!🥰🥰🥰 PS I am going to miss the daily calls from Mr. Rakesh Ramkissoon! Who is going to take care of the menu of my day now? Always caring and friendly! 🙏🇲🇺 Contributor Krista Kull


20.12.20 Solana Beach Mauritius has been a great place to spend our quarantine in. 😌 We worked throughout our time here, which meant that we had a few additional requests, such as getting a socket extension for our laptops. We also got accommodated with some weights to make exercising easier. The staff was very helpful with every request that we made. Admittedly, we are also picky eaters, and Mr Rakesh was very patient with us on our daily morning calls to order lunch and dinner. I even got spoiled with a nice cup of coffee every morning. Those were particularly appreciated due to the 7am knocks at the door to check temperature & serve breakfast. 😅 Lastly, the scenery is great to unwind and relax from all the tension that had been caused by the pandemic in 2020. Contributor Andra Macijevskyte


20.12.20 Mon confinement s’achève demain avec le sentiment d’avoir fait une «cure » apaisante. Si proche de l’océan qu’on a l’impression d’avoir les pieds dans l’eau … paysage fabuleux!

Les oiseaux, le bruit des vagues qui claquent sur la barrière de corail et le vent qui berce les palmiers incitent à la méditation, loin de ce monde bouleversé….et ce n’est pas un cliché, c’est ici à Bellemare, au Solana Beach. Les jours ont filé …je me suis bien préparée à ce retrait et j’avais aussi apporté livres et aquarelles pour m’occuper sereinement.

Je tiens à remercier l’équipe de l’hôtel – aux petits soins avec ses clients – l’équipe médicale très attentive … les repas sont excellents et le service « sur mesure » … Bravo!!

Hormis un problème de connexion internet – un peu lente – qui a été amélioré au fil des jours, tout est fait pour que le séjour soit des plus agréables. Contributor Françoise Zimny


13.12.20 Première semaine de quarantaine au Solana Beach. Je tiens à remercier toute l’équipe pour son travail et son dévouement à rendre le plus agréable possible ce séjour un peu particulier. Je recommande vivement le Solana pour votre quarantaine, vous y trouverez confort, repas de qualité et de nombreuses petites attentions qui vous font oublier les circonstances. Cedric de Froberville


17.11.20 Bonsoir le groupe, J2 au Solana Beach Resort à Belle Mare. Nous sommes une famille de 6, dont 2 enfants en bas âge (2 et 4 ans) Vol via corsair depuis paris Orly avec escale à l’île de la Réunion. Je ne regrette pas du tout d’avoir choisi cet itinéraire. Le premier avion vide, seulement 144 passagers. Et 44 passagers dans le vol de Réunion -> Ile Maurice. Distance sociale très respectée grâce à cela l’arrivée fut rapide. Douane et Test PCR ce font rapidement. Mes enfants l’on eu dans la bouche. Aucune douleur.

Départ à l’hôtel en mini van car 14 clients seulement pour le Solana. Accueil dans la joie et la bonne humeur 💖 Nous avons 2 chambres au rez de chaussée, vue sur la mer avec terrasse privatif. Ils ont eu la gentillesse de nous autoriser à communiquer avec la 2ème chambre (mes parent âgés) via la terasse. Je remercie Mr Naeem Jugon le manager pour cela. Encore mille mercis pour ce petit privilège On a un menu à disposition avec deux choix par repas. Un délice. Digne d’un 5 étoile vraiment. Chaque matin le chef nous téléphone si on souhaite modifier quelque chose. PS: ma Rita je t’ai oubliée, encore merci pour tout. Rita C’est la fée de l’hôtel. Vous avez besoin de quelque chose? SOS Rita 💖💖Elle exauce tout ce que vous voulez. En résumée, je suis agréablement surprise. Je ne regrette pas d’avoir choisi cet hôtel. Je vous recommande vraiment le Solana beach, qui fait parti d’ailleurs du même groupe que le Preskil. Contributor Sali Ma


13.11.20 Day 4 at the Solana Beach Mauritius and all is well. Someone asked me today if I felt like I was on a retreat or in confinement, and from the heart, I said that this is more of a retreat for me.

Coming here at the end of a mad busy streak at work, amid the pandemic, and escaping the election madness in the States, the Solana has given me a haven to breathe and to do quarantine in a beautiful and comfortable environment. The fourteen days is a lot, but it is prescribed for a reason, and while I’d love to be out this weekend, I know that when this is over, it will be over.

One thing that has made this stay a retreat is the kind and conscientious care by the staff here at the Solana. The routine is solid; breakfast, temp check, menu ordering, lunch, tea, temp check, dinner, repeat… always smiles and sometimes flowers delivered with meals, and all this positivity whilst living here with us, living through the quarantine with us as fellow quarantiners!

Today is our last day at the Solana Beach Mauritius as quarantiners, and while we are happy to be getting to our families and friends and lives beyond quarantine, the staff here has made the stay as pleasant as can be. Special thanks to Mr Rose Mackline and his team for smiling through every day, adding thoughtful touches to the food deliveries, and making us feel welcome from our (stressed) festive arrival on Halloween to now. Thank you so much and may tourism return to something like normal again and turn this wonderful resort into a place of great memories. Contributor Arthur Powers


25.10.20 Solana Beach resort provides the perfect view one could ever wish for, the food is amazing and services are just great, especially Mr Visham he is so sweet and welcoming and Ms Rita too. Great rooms and service and you can’t beat the location this made my quarantine way easier, I highly recommend Solana to everyone. Contributor Ritika Chauhan


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