Black River gorges

by Catherine

Joggers, trailers, hikers, picnickers, lovers of nature: this is your gigantic playground. Covering 67km2 of humid forest, marshy lowland, and a rain forest canopy, you have 60 kilometres of trails to explore at your leisure. The gorges are the pride and joy of the Wildlife Foundation, which manages the area and conducts research and conservation projects on an ongoing basis.

Take your binoculars and a good camera to enjoy endemic animals and birds, for instance, the Mauritian flying fox, the kestrel, pink pigeon, parakeet, cuckoo shrike, olive white-eye, fody. The park is recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Bird Life International.

There are two well-known hikes to waterfalls in the Black River Gorges, the Cascade 500-pieds (the 500-foot waterfall) and Alexandra Falls.

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